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What is ARYA Meditation?

The benefits of meditating cannot be overstated.

Regularly engaging in the practice of mindfulness improves your attention span, memory, and brain function. It reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s directly correlated with increased happiness and better relationships with others.

Meditating has physical benefits as well. It lowers blood pressure, decreases tension-related pain (headaches, insomnia, etc), and improves the immune system. It relates directly to increased energy and a sense of liveliness.

Yet despite all the benefits of meditating, many people have trouble learning and sticking with the important practice. That’s right where ARYA  and their top quality mediation products come into the picture.

A division of Columbian company Solucina S.A.S., ARYA is one of the top manufacturers of luxury meditation goods in the world. Their wide range of products and accessories help provide valuable meditation experiences to affluent individuals.

Though still a relatively new company, ARYA is growing quickly. They’ve already developed a loyal following in just a few short years. Most of their success is still based in Colombia and surrounding South America, though their top-of-the-line products are now used by wealthy individuals around the globe.

Interested in ARYA Meditating products? Their current line consists of four main options:

One of the best ways to improve your meditating practice is to set aside a special area for meditation only. The ARYA Meditation Compass helps you do just that.

Set up the comfortable meditation chair in a peaceful dedicated area of your home. Use this chair each time you meditate. The comfortable chair is specifically designed with meditation and common meditation poses in mind.

Not only is it absolutely beautiful (it adds a heaping dose of elegance to any home), it’s also very comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, that it helps you ease into a relaxed state of meditation even more quickly and easily than normal.

“ARYA Kama Sutra Sofa”

The ARYA Kama Sutra Sofa is an absolutely breathtaking piece of furniture designed to improve your meditating practice.

The design is inspired by the female form, resulting in an absolutely beautiful sofa that looks great in any home. In addition to meditation, the sofa is also designed to complement the sexual positions described in the Kama Sutra.

The sofa helps guide the body during lovemaking for sensations you and your partner have never experienced before.

“ARYA Dining Tables”

Several different models of ARYA dining tables are also available. Though not designed to be used for meditating, their construction is inspired by this ancient practice.

“ARYA Clothing”

ARYA  has recently extended their efforts into the clothing industry. Though it’s not yet available, their clothing line is focused on comfort, quality materials, and minimalist elegance.

More Details

The most popular product currently offered by ARYA is undoubtedly their ARYA Meditation Compass.

The simple furniture set is one of the most unique around. The beautiful set, almost a work of art in and of itself, will help you achieve understanding and awareness as you seek inner peace through the art of meditation.

The Compass Set includes the chair and a small table as well as two matching flower pots. Each of these pieces is constructed from Campano wood. The chair is actually carved from a single piece of wood.

Buy ARYA Products

ARYA products are designed for thoughtful individuals that crave the very best in simple beauty. Few other products combine the elegance and meditation benefits that the Meditation Compass Set does.

Prices vary depending on where you’re located. However, most North American customers can expect to pay around $645.00 USD for the Meditation Compass Set plus the cost of shipping from Port of Cartagena, Colombia.

Contact ARYA with the information listed on their website for more details.



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