Deal me in!

There is nothing better than sitting around a table with your buds, having a few cocktails, shooting the breeze and kicking butt at the poker tables!  I have been to my fair share of poker games and have always had a great time even when I lose, which is not that often.  I either have the golden touch or have a really good poker face.  The only thing that would make the game more enjoyable would be not having to worry whether my dining room table would survive the night.  So many times I had to bring out the Murphys oil and pray the coin scratches and beverage rings would magically be gone.  Now u have a man cave or a if I had a REAL poker table I would not have these issues and could play the game worry free.  If you have a spare room you could set up a luxury poker table like the Stine Game Tables.  Even if you do not have the extra space Lee J Rowland Engineering has the table for you.  When you are finished dining or just snacking the luxury table flips over and becomes a luxury poker table, super cool! 


                     Stine Game Tables                     


                 Lee J Rowland Engineering

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