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Fitzke Paddle Boards

The inspiration for our first board—The Bootlegger—can be found roughly 100 years in the past. Based on the designs of prohibition-era airplanes and wood boats from the 1920’s and 30’s, The Bootlegger is fast, tracks very straight and, most importantly, features a water-resistant storage compartment that’s tucked into the front of the board. This hiding spot is the signature element of The Bootlegger, and is perfect for storing everything from sandals, a jacket, an on-the-water picnic, to your phone (in a plastic bag), wallet, keys or perhaps your favorite bottle of booze.

Featuring a touring-style design, The Bootlegger made from the best marine-grade mahogany plywood money can buy. It’s sleek and takes advantage of the finest techniques in woodcraft. The Bootlegger is built with less than 10% solid wood, assuring minimal-to-zero wood expansion due to weather and climate change. This guarantees no wood and joinery splitting or cracks due to moisture change. When all the wood is set, we hand-paint the graphics and employ a buffing sequence on the varnish for a museum-quality shine. The result is a stunningly beautiful board that’s perfect for the advanced-beginner to intermediate rider.


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