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What are Matthew Norman Clocks?

In our technological age, the ability to tell time is all around us – on your phone, in your computer, everywhere you look. Telling time is only one of the functions of a great clock, though. A clock that will reside in your home or office is a piece of art, the result of a quest for perfection in the field of timekeeping and clock design. A clock from Matthew Norman will not just tell you what time it is – it will bring heart, soul and fun to your living space.

Based in Switzerland, Matthew Norman Clocks draws on its rich history of watchmaking knowledge to design and produce clocks that rely on their technical heritage while making good use of contemporary tools. The resulting clocks are a harmonious collaboration among master watchmakers who make full use of their artisan skills at the same time as they employ sophisticated industrial tools.

When you see a Matthew Norman Clock, you are seeing passion in action. Every clock the company produces has been made by experienced and dedicated watchmakers. Their expertise has been built over the last century – the company launched in 1904 and has steadily improved, expanded and launched new products through the years.

Their knowledge of mechanical movements and quartz clocks is unparalleled, even in the prestigious Swiss watchmaking industry. Now that they have partnered with a manufacturing company, they are pushing the boundaries of watchmaking engineering as they realize technological innovations that were not thought of just a few years ago.

More than 11 engineers and technicians produce Matthew Norman Clocks. The company’s manufacturing facility allows for large volumes of clocks to be produced, but the company is also structured so that small quantities of specific requests for rare and unique pieces can be accommodated.

More Details

The company produces several categories of products. One type is highlighted by a mechanical movement that includes 40 days of power reserves with an innovative perforated disk and a vertical regulating organ. Another category highlights the purity of design, with a neat finish of the movement’s components. These are perfect for decorative designs created for specific occasions.

Contemporary products include skeletonized clocks that highlight the beauty of the clock’s movement and emphasize the design and finish of the outer cabinets. High-end quartz clocks are also available with or without an alarm function – these are perfect for those who love style and design.

Mechanical movements include an 8-day (with 18 jewels) or a 40-day (with 37 jewels) option. A baguette movement is set with 19 rubies. These unusual products combine old and modern, traditional and new, hand-crafted with machine-tooled. This is the best of both worlds.

Matthew Norman Clocks also exclusively uses noble materials such as brass, wood and precious leathers. More than 2,000 operations are required to put together the 300 pieces that make up each clock. Every clock includes a numbered certificate of quality, and the company’s corresponding register includes the movement number, the name of the watchmaker and the date of manufacture so that a record is kept of each unique clock that passes out the doors. Every clock is also quality controlled and guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for two years from the date of purchase.

Buy Matthew Norman Clocks

For more information on the price of Matthew Norman Clocks, you can contact the Swiss company through the contact page on their website. Their products are also available at stores throughout the world – check the directory on their website for more information.

A Matthew Norman Clock purchase will last a lifetime. Don’t spend any more time without one!



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