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The Odyssey Trikes are able to achieve a 60 mph top speed and up to 300 miles of electric-only range. Both those figures are industry records – the most capable machine of its kind can be found right here.

What is Odyssey Trikes?

Trikes are all the rage in the world of luxury toys. And few, if any, companies are doing trikes better than Odyssey.

Based out of West Bend, Wisconsin, Odyssey Trikes is now the premier manufacturer of high-end luxury trikes in the United States. Yet they had to fight to get here. The company started in 2008 in an airplane hangar. After several years of hard work, they unleashed their first trike in 2010.

The same hard work and dedication put into building the company from scratch is put into every product Odyssey creates. Indeed, every single trike the company produces is built from scratch in their production facility. Here they do all the welding, 3d printing, and assembly work needed to create some of the best on the planet.

So what’s different about these trikes? What makes their products so popular?

It all boils down to innovation. A combination of a tricycle, motorcycle, and go-kart, these are completely different from anything else on the market. They’re 100% electric and 100% fun.

The all-electric motor on each trike gets the vehicle up to an impressive 60 miles per hour. The same trike can be ridden up to 300 miles on a single charge. No other trike in the world can compete with these figures.

Those interested in Odyssey have a few options to choose from. Current models include:

“Mark 5”
The most basic Odyssey Trike model, the Mark 5 tops out at 30 miles per hour. It has a 45-mile range. It’s street legal and easily upgradeable. Buy the Mark 5 from Odyssey Trikes for $4,500.

“Mark 5 Plus”
The Mark 5 Plus is the mid-range Trike model. It tops out at 55 miles per hour and has a 245-mile range. It’s road and bike trail legal. The trike is as close a mix to a bicycle and motorcycle as you’ll find. Buy the Mark 5 Plus from Odyssey Trikes for $6,000.

“Mark 5 Super”
The best of the best, the Mark 5 Super is the highest-end Odyssey Trike model. It reaches speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. Its range is 315 miles. Buy the Mark 5 Super from Odyssey Trikes for $6,900.

More Details

All Odyssey Trikes are built from the ground up on KMX trikes.

Upon first glance, you’ll notice that each trike comes with a set of pedals. While they can, of course, be pedaled, most users prefer to use the motor function. The electric motor assist can propel these bikes up to 65 miles per hour.

It’s important to note that most laws restrict electric bikes to speeds of 20 miles per hour. To comply with these laws, Odyssey Trikes ships their trikes to users with the speed turned down to 20 miles per hour.

It’s just as important to note that Odyssey Trikes are dangerous. They’re not toys! Like any motorized vehicle, extreme care needs to be taken while riding one. The right safety gear and equipment needs to be used to prevent injuries.

Buy Odyssey Trikes Products

Yes, Odyssey Trikes are expensive, but they’re worth every penny in our opinion.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an electric trike near as fun as an Odyssey. They’re available in three different models for all preferences and budgets.

Call or email Odyssey Trikes with the information provided on their website.

If you have your eye on a luxury trike, don’t look further than Odyssey Trikes. Their products are among the best around and are only set to get better as time goes on.



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