Scott Morrison Woodwork

Scott Morrison Woodwork


Scott Morrison Woodwork


Comfort and Beauty from Scott Morrison Woodwork

Scott Morrison Woodwork makes some of the world’s finest rocking chairs and custom furniture. Scott Morrison, the master woodworker behind the company, uses a variety of traditional and modern tools to craft unimaginably comfortable wood chairs. Every piece receives careful attention to details like grain direction and sanding.

The Benefits of a Perfect Chair

The average person doesn’t pay a lot of attention to chairs. Either a chair is comfortable or uncomfortable. Scott Morrison Woodwork takes a radically different perspective to reach higher levels of excellence.

Rocking chairs of this caliber offer several benefits. Men who use high quality rocking chairs often enjoy:

  • Less back pain
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Healthier body weight

Not all chairs offer these benefits. When you choose the luxury of a Scott Morrison chair, though, you can expect the best.

Unparalleled Beauty from Scott Morrison Woodwork

Scott Morrison makes some of the best wooden chairs by combining old world craftsmanship with artistic designs. Each chair has distinctive lines that announce its superiority to the world. You won’t find many straight pieces of wood used in these pieces of furniture. Morrison chooses to take a more artistic approach by adding subtle curves and waves.

While these designs add beauty to Scott Morrison chairs, they do not work on their own. Morrison is good enough at his craft that he knows how to use his tools to bring out the natural beauty in wood. The craftsmanship starts with choosing the right pieces of wood. After that, Morrison sands, polishes, and stains the wood to highlight its most beautiful features.

Morrison finishes every piece by rubbing the wood with a mixture of organic compounds and oil. This helps protect the wood from signs of aging. Thanks to Morrison’s tireless effort, every chair from his woodshop will last a lifetime.

Beauty and Good Posture

These design elements do more than just make Morrison’s work attractive. They play a practical role by making wood chairs more comfortable. Many people don’t like the idea of sitting on wood. They’ve grown accustomed to plush recliners. While those overstuffed chairs may feel comfortable at first, they can encourage poor posture that eventually harms your body. Carefully crafted wood furniture that has been designed to work with the body does the opposite. It encourages you to use good posture. After a few sessions, sitting in a wood chair begins to feel normal. After a few more, plush recliners begin to feel cumbersome.

Owning a Scott Morrison Woodwork Chair

Scott Morrison Woodwork makes chairs that look like they belong in a museum. Your guests might eye your favorite chair, wondering whether it’s there as a piece of art or furniture. In reality, they blend the two to create special items that will become highlights in your home.

It’s easy to become overly protective of these chairs. Aesthetically, they have a fragile beauty. It’s important to remember that these chairs are designed by a master craftsman. They are made for you to use. Sit on them. Rock in them. Invite your guests to experience the pleasure of a Scott Morrison. They will become instant devotees who seek out chairs for their own homes.

Make no mistake, these are luxurious chairs that take a lot of time to build. They are not cheap rocking chairs to leave out on the porch during a rainstorm. Once you bring a Morrison chair into your home, you must take care of it as an object of beauty. As useful and comfortable as it is, you can never forget that the chair’s details were handmade by a professional who cares deeply for his work.



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