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What is Soel Yachts?

Soel Yachts are the mastermind company behind a unique variety of solar electric sea vessels. You can enjoy true Ecotourism by traveling on their many ship offerings which offer emission-free, environmentally friendly travel options.

The company offers pre-built models, as well as custom-made boats. Speedboats are available to your specifications, as are catamarans and even full yachts. The company has partnered with Naval DC and between them offer more than ten years’ experience with ocean going solar vessels. The vessels on offer are likely perfect for those who enjoy time on the ocean but also want to be sure they are doing so in an environmentally friendly way.

More Details

The SoelCat 12 is a great alternative to the typical catamaran. You can enjoy a ride on the ocean using solar energy as power. For nighttime cruises or dreary days, the included 120kWh lithium battery can supply the needed energy to take off on whatever adventures you like. No fuel required for either option!

Another perk of the SoelCat 12 is the mobile power station it includes. The boat can be used as a mobile AC power station, removing all need for a generator or other accessories. You will be fully autonomous and able to throw boat parties anywhere you want, which is something that is exciting and appreciated.

This particular boat is designed specifically for electric propulsion and has been engineered so that every aspect contributes to the efficient solar electric sailing. The SoelCat 12 is made of durable fiberglass and features a large solar roof and slender hulls, which add to the high performance and speed that are expected of the catamaran.

As for the deck space, it’s entirely customizable. You can fit it with standard yacht fittings for luxury and comfort while enjoying your journey. You can also choose a more practical option if that fits your vision. Also available is a bench set up which can come with a fully equipped bar and lounge furniture for an experience to remember.

Speedboats are also an option from Soel Yachts, and these are custom made to appeal to anyone’s taste or style. The company strives to provide exceptional quality through excellent craftsmanship and technology. Only products developed for the marine environment are used, in order to ensure a high-quality vessel

Soel Yachts also hooks their customers up with a user-friendly control system that is easy to use. It incorporates a touch screen that can be accessed on a smart device. In addition, global support is available 24/7 so you can speak with an expert if an unexpected situation crops up that needs emergency care.

When you aren’t using the boat, it’s relatively efficient for travel on the road, as well. The SoelCat 12 fits into two 40ft cube containers when demounted. When you reach your favorite destination, just remount and set off into the sea for more ocean fun. There are no advanced requirements for assembly, which is relatively quick and easy.

Buy Soel Yachts Products

Soel Yachts currently offers custom vessels, as well as the solar catamaran, SoelCat 12. You can request more information on the company website. The custom speedboat option price is going to vary depending on taste and need for various options, while the SoelCat 12 sells for around $560 thousand. The best plan is to get in touch with the company to talk about your needs. They can make sure you get the best boat for your hard-earned cash.

However, you aren’t going to need to buy fuel again, pretty much ever, if you decide to purchase one of these vessels. And you’ll be doing the environment a favor by saving up to 142 tons of CO2 annually when compared to a traditional boat.



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