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Want to go camping, but not a big fan of tents and don’t want to buy an actual camper? You’re in luck! The Swiss RoomBox is the world’s smallest camper-car setup and can be installed in most cars. It is an ingenious modular system that you can install right in the trunk of your car, allowing you to cook, eat, shower and sleep in your car. In the blink of an eye, you can have all the comforts of home while you’re camping.

SwissRoomBox models are inspired by the genius of the classic Swiss Army Knife – they are small, foldable and multi-function. The RoomBox freeTech provides a “camper-car in a suitcase” for those who love outdoor activities. The product melds the simplicity of a suitcase with the ingenuity of a Swiss Army Knife and the essentials of camper-car functionalities.

The freeTech’s intelligent modular system works so well that if you pack it with you while you’re traveling, you can turn your ordinary car into a camper-car for cooking, eating and sleeping in just five minutes. You do not have to modify your vehicle to use the freeTech – you can adjust the length, width and height of the various modules to fit correctly. The freeTech is especially useful if you are camping where the ground is not level. The adjustable module legs will give you a nice, stable to use.

When it’s not in use, the freeTech folds up into the size of a suitcase. It can be checked on an airplane while you are traveling, and it is also compatible with rental cars.

More Details

To determine if the RoomBox freeTech is compatible with your vehicle, check the SwissRoomBox website. On the site, you can find a comprehensive listing of car and van measurements, along with measurements for the freeTech and other RoomBox models. The site includes a wide variety of makes and models. Even if your car is listed as compatible, you will still want to check your car measurements just to verify before you order it that the freeTech will fit.

SwissRoomBox also sells the easyTech, which is an upgraded model that includes the capability of washing, showering and cooking straight from the module itself. In addition, Discovery Space Evolution by RoomBox is a roof-top tent for your car that offers a new dimension of freedom when you want to travel and camp with your family and friends. The Discovery will hold up to two adults or three children.

RoomBox products are constructed from a special composite material that is self-supporting, impervious to water and is resistant to cracking, heat, scratching, abrasion, corrosion and household cleaning products.

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The SwissRoomBox freeTech for a car includes small and large tables for two to four people and a double bed. It retails for $2,341.33. This model is sometimes on order instead of in stock; if so, it will arrive in three to four weeks. You can order it straight from the company’s website.

The SwissRoomBox freeTech for a van costs $2,861.92 and also includes small and large tables for two to four people and a double bed. When this model is in stock, it will be delivered in three to six days. You can also order the van model from the website.

If you’re looking for a relatively cheap and easy way to buy a camper, consider turning your car into a camper with the SwissRoomBox. Setup is quick and easy, leaving you more time for the exploring and camping you really want to do. Enjoy!



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