1byOne Audio Turntables

1byOne Audio creates small, affordable high-quality turntables. 1byOne Audio delivers quality sound while cutting the costs of traditional turntables. With the turntables, you can smoothly and comfortably listen to your favorite LP, record player, or cassette tape. The company also offers a way for audiophiles to experience vinyl without the pressing costs. 1byOne Audio is a leading manufacturer of turntables that are too good for schools to ignore. These pre-loaded units are reliable and high-quality enough to meet the standards of most institutions that print course materials on vinyl.

1byOne Audio is an innovative small enterprise that created well-built turntables with quality sound in mind at affordable prices.


1byone Belt-Drive Turntable is an audiophile turntable that has been crafted with great precision. It is essential to turn the platter by hand to eliminate the motor noise as much as possible. This player can stand firmly on your desk with a concave design and a steady base without worrying about shock or vibration. This turntable is perfect for recording and listening to vinyl records of all genres-classical music, rock, pop, or jazz. You’ll get beautiful sound from this lightweight record player, which works perfectly with the built-in speaker or you can connect it directly to your stereo system or powered speakers via an RCA port.


1byone Belt-Drive Turntable is not only easy to use but also long-lasting and versatile. It keeps your records in good condition and helps you enjoy hours of music with the 3 speeds (33 ⅓, 45, and 78 RPM). A belt drive system is better than the direct drive because instead of a motor that turns a spindle that controls the rotation of the platter, it uses an elastic rubber belt that synchronizes more smoothly with your records. Enjoy more flexibility with our 3-speed turntable.


If you are looking for a turntable that is lightweight and easy to carry, 1byone Belt-Drive Turntable is your perfect choice. The aluminum platter cover is lightweight without compromising the quality of sound. You can carry it to picnics, festivals, parties or wherever you want to take the music. As a bonus, it’s outfitted with a carrying handle for maximum portability. This record player turns your vinyl records into digital files and lets you share your treasured records with friends by connecting them directly to your computer via USB cable.


1byone Belt-Drive Turntable comes with a built-in high-quality speaker. It also has a USB port and Audio Line Out port, which allow you to connect the turntable directly to your computer. In the Audio Line Outlet, you connect it directly to your stereo system, powered speakers, or amplifiers with the RCA port. This gives you the option of enjoying your records on different sound systems throughout your home. You can simply drag and drop files with its software and then burn them to CD, listen to MP3s on iPods or iPhones via a USB connection or upload the files for streaming.

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