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What are IOOI Hookahs?

Maybe you’re not sure what  hookahs are all about. Maybe you’re already a hookah connoisseur who knows the best when you see the best. Maybe you’re just looking for another way to smoke tobacco because the old ways are losing their appeal for you. Maybe you’re just up for trying new things.

Whatever the case, the I00I is for you if you are in the market for hookahs. A quick primer: a hookah is a water pipe with a bowl, a smoke chamber, a pipe and a hose. Tobacco made especially for a hookah is heated up, the smoke passes through the water and is then drawn through a rubber house into a mouthpiece and into your mouth and lungs. If you use a hookah, you are basically vaporizing and smoking tobacco.

A layer of foil and hot coals are placed on top of the tobacco, so its heating up is more like slow smoldering than the actual burning that takes place with the tobacco in cigars and cigarettes.

Designed by Christian Zanzotti, the IOOI Hookahs are hookah for the modern age that is radical, simple and elegant. The IOOI Hookahs shake up the hookah world by using high quality materials such as anodized aluminum, polished brass and crystal clear glass.

Zanzotti’s 1001 is more than just a hookah pipe – it is a piece of sculpture that many fine artists would ultimately be proud to have produced. Its minimalistic design brings the same themes into your life – be radical, be simple, be elegant.

More Details

The 1001 modern hookahs is almost 20 inches tall and about 7 inches wide. The bowl is made out of standard brass and works with standard charcoal. The colander is made from stainless steel and the wind cover is made from black anodized aluminum, as are the tray, hose adapter and mouthpiece. The hose itself is a food-safe silicon hose covered with a gray synthetic mesh. The water tank is a 200 mL glass bottle and the base is made from black anodized aluminum. The column is built from natural anodized aluminum.

The I00I is flawlessly designed by Christian Zanzotti, an Italian designer with a background in architecture and construction engineering, along with his program of industrial design study at the University of Applied Science in Munich.

In 2013, Zanzotti opened his own studio in Munich, where he works with furniture, products, interior and vehicle design. In 2014, he was awarded the German Design Award Gold Newcomer.

Zanzotti was commissioned to build his first hookah and came up with this completely redesigned, futuristic look built to exacting standards from quality materials.

Buy I00I

Designed in Germany and manufactured in Italy, the I00I is individually produced to the highest standards for person who submits a request. Each piece is built uniquely for the person who ordered it. Wait time for a I00I modern hookah runs about four weeks from the time you order until the time production is finished. The price for the I00I modern hookah is 600 Euros, or about $660 U.S.

While the concept of a hookah may be new to you, the 1001 is a stunning contemporary redesign of a classic piece built in an extraordinary manner. Zanzotti’s reinvention of the genre has the potential to engage a new generation of smokers with a piece that looks stylish and will last as long as they could imagine. This is the new modern age, so a new modern hookah is needed along with it – try the 1001 today!



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