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2 Saints Highway Star Collection

2 Saints Jewelry – Men’s Jewelry

2 Saints is a men’s jewelry collection for individuals who are defined by their passion, not their profession:

Do you sometimes find that you drag your feet through the work week just waiting for the weekend when you can truly be yourself and fulfill your true passions? 2 Saints completely understands you and where you are coming from. Designed for stylish men whose passion lies beyond the work they do every day, 2 Saints jewelry helps you to express who you really are, whether you are at your day job or fulfilling your dreams after you’ve left the office.

Meet George, the Creator of 2 Saints Jewelry

2 Saints was created by George, a young Franco-American designer. George is a polymorphic artist, draftsman, and designer by day in a specialized agency in New York, but moonlights as a composer and musician at night. In an attempt to separate his professional identity from his musical activities, George conceals his true personality at work and only reveals his actual identity when he deems it appropriate.

George is the kind of guy who knows what he wants and is willing to play the games to have and maintain the high-class lifestyle he works for at night. He was inspired to create 2 Saints by his father, who was the boss during the business week, and a blues drummer on the weekends. In the same way, George is living this double life—a designer by day and a musician by night. Ultimately, 2 Saints is created by men, for other men, who have a passion for life outside of the normal nine-to-five workday.

Style Inspiration

In designing the men’s jewelry collections for 2 Saints, George’s goal is to express the best of his cultural upbringing—French Style and American Power. George was born to an American father and a French mother and was constantly bathed in dual culture throughout his adolescence. His family lived in both Paris and New York, so George was able to travel each year from one to the other. George’s father inspired George’s passion for cars and music, while his mother’s passions for painting and sculpture were engrained in his personality.

From these dualities, George’s inspiration for 2 Saints was born. Today, George is inspired by the new masculinity of the people in underground New York. This is a liberated machismo, which draws on the traditional signs of strength and virility, as well as modern sensibility. Inspired by these modern observations, George’s 2 Saints men’s accessories collections emphasize New York’s energy and the elegance of France.

Highway Star Collection

Using his dual inspirations, George’s 2 Saints Highway Star Collection reinterprets the mythical engines that have marked both American and French histories. Designed for lovers of motorsports, the Highway Star Collection offers a wide variety of engine-inspired rings, bracelets, and cuff links.

Rings — The rings in the Highway Star Collection range from around $700 up to $1200, and feature V8 engines, racing engines, compressors, and flat-six racing engines. The intricate, high-quality designs of each of George’s rings will be the center of attention wherever you go.

Bracelets — Also ranging in price from around $700 to $1200, the Highway Star Collection of bracelets leaves nothing to be desired. Choose from a variety of widths of the softest leather to display the elaborate engine designs.

Cufflinks — The right cufflinks can truly set you apart from a crowd, and sporting a designer pair from 2 Saints’ Highway Star men’s Jewelry Collection will ensure that your cufflinks make the right statement about you. With these unique engine-inspired cufflinks, which cost around $470, everyone you meet will know that you are a true man’s man who also has a sense of style.

If you’re ready to express your true self more at the office, instead of keeping your real identity hidden until the weekends when you exercise your true passions, check out 2 Saints men’s jewelry. This engine-inspired collection unites the ultimate masculinity with a true sense of style and is sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet.