AK47 Fire Pits

fire pits by AK47 Fire Pits on a lawn with a house in the background

AK47 Fire Pits


AK47 Fire Pits


Ak47 Fire Pits Combine Beauty and Functionality

A beautiful yard deserves a similarly beautiful fire pit. Adding a fire pit to your outdoor area can make it a more attractive place for you and guests to spend time. A fire pit quickly proves its usefulness by keeping you warm and giving you something to gather around.

Most of the fire pits you can buy at retail stores work fine, but they lack the aesthetics that will complement your yard. Ak47 Design offers an alternative concept that that blends unique designs with perfect functionality.

Ak47’s Commitment to Unique Beauty

Ak47 has developed over a dozen uniquely beautiful fire pits. The company’s designers have a talent for taking some of the most outlandish ideas and finding ways to make them more convenient and functional than standard fire pits. It’s a rare talent in an industry where few people think about artistry.

The fire pit designs for Ak47 are so diverse that the company’s collection includes:

  • Hanging fire pits
  • Marble fire pits
  • Submerged fire pits

If you can dream it, chances are that Ak47 has already made it.

Ak47 Fire Pits are Surprisingly Useful

Many Ak47’s unique concepts double as grills. Throw a few burgers on the pit during the early evening and settle in for a pleasant sunset around the glowing embers.

Several of the designs also have built in shelves for wood storage. You won’t have to worry about dragging firewood while entertaining guests. All the wood you could possibly need is stored right under the surfaces of the Ercole, Zero, and Opera models.

All parts used to build Ak47 fire pits have been chosen because they resist staining and rusting in the weather. Even if you forget to cover your fire pit, it will survive without signs of harm.

Making the Best Fire Pits from the Best Materials

When a company spends a lot of time and money developing perfect fire pit designs, it tends to seek out materials that will do its ideas justice. Ak47 fire pets are too attractive and unique for common materials.

All of the fire pits made by Ak47 are made from the finest materials. The Ercole fire pit, for instance, is made of oxidized steel and Teak Wood marble. Teak Wood marble is a fairly rare material found in Pakistan. Unlike other types of marble, Teak Wood has a somewhat sandy texture and a grain that looks surprisingly similar to wood. Once polished, Teak Wood marble offers a weather-resistant alternative to treated woods.

Expect More from Ordinary Objects

A lot of people would scoff at the idea of a luxury fire pit. It’s an extravagance that some people will never indulge. If you have the means, though, it makes sense to expect more from the objects in your world. If you have reached a comfortable level of success, then you can afford to spend a little extra on things that make like special. Instead of crowding around a smelly campfire, you and your family can enjoy the warmth that comes from a finely crafted fire pit.

One of the best things about owning an Ak47 fire pit is that it adds to your home’s beauty. You want your home to look its best. A great place to live is one of the reasons that we work so hard for success. This is a rather remarkable achievement for Ak47. Most fire pits detract from a yard’s appearance. For most people, adding a fire pit means sacrificing aesthetics for the joy of sitting around a fire. Ak47 fire pits don’t detract from your home’s beauty. They add to it. Visitors will immediately wonder where they can get their own.



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