yacht by Alen Yacht shows a yacht in the water

Alen Yachts

Alen Yacht creates yachts that lead the way in both design and engineering.

There is hardly anything better than cruising through the crystal clear water on your own custom-designed yacht. Alen Yacht uses its fastidious eye for detail to lovingly create vessels that lead the way in both design and engineering and can have you sailing off into the sunset in no time at all.

High Standard

The designers at Alen Yacht are high-tech artisans. With a 20-year heritage in yacht design and construction, Alen has truly established a reputation for innovation and uncompromising quality. This has been achieved by blending traditional marine craftsmanship with “state-of-the-yard” boatbuilding technology. Each Alen Yacht is tailor-made to meet your precise needs, and all elements, from the navigation system to the cabin configuration, are individually customized to fit your individual preferences. At the same time, each Alen shares similar elegant lines and timeless design features, ensuring the high standard of class and quality to which Alen owners have grown accustomed.

Top Reputation

If you are seeking a 42 to 68-foot watercraft that evokes the standards of a superyacht, Alen is the artisan for you. To maintain this hard-earned reputation, Alen Yacht’s yard in Istanbul is awash with the most modern facilities available. These top-of-the-line facilities include an advanced hull-engineering department and a fiber workshop with a pressurized fresh air system. Alen Yacht’s Istanbul facility also has an indoor testing pool, which is used to make sure each one is manufactured to the highest standards. Alen may be comprised of traditional artisans, but it respects and accommodates twenty-first-century innovations.

Yatchs Models

Alens come in three beautiful models designed to fit your sea-faring lifestyle: the Alen 68, the Alen 55, and the Alen 42.

Alen 68

The Alen 68 creates a peaceful harmony between the land and sea by merging innovative technology from land construction with expertise in boatbuilding. The result is a fast, agile craft combining the elegant social spaces of a cruising yacht with the fun of a day boat. The Alen 68 has 20% more volume than most comparable motor yachts, which provides you with more space for walking around on the deck. Breaking with traditional yacht designs, the Alen 68 has flowing contours at the hull which are not hidden by furniture, but are rather exposed to reveal the smooth lines of the yacht’s frame.

This creates space for a flexible “pod” system of up to three separate cabins. With a refined palette of materials from which to choose for your design, including bleached oak, white leather, and white onyx, the Alen 68’s understated style is ever-present. Beneath the surface, this yacht’s advanced technology confirms that land architects and boatbuilders are a powerful combination.

Alen 55

The Alen 55 is sociable, safe, and stylish. This yacht’s timeless, traditional design has built-in practicality. With a center console, walk-around deck, and deep bulwarks, you’ll feel safe in the spacious environment. Up to eight guests can comfortably sit at the extending table near the Alen 55’s open kitchen. At the shaded helm, the controls include the latest navigation equipment and a button to operate a hidden, custom-made anchor mechanism. The Alen 55’s intelligent design can be customized to your specifications, including adding a crew cabin or extra bedroom.

The Alen 42 is the ultimate day boat. Sleek and refined, the Alen 42 combines elegance with technological innovation. The yacht’s “all around” deck makes full use of the exterior space and allows twelve guests to fit safely and comfortably on board. Each Alen 42 can be customized to create a layout that fits your individual needs, including different layouts, veneers, and upholstery.

For the ultimate super yacht feel in a more manageable and fun size, Alen Yachts provides the ultimate in standard and quality. Whether you want a cruising boat or a boat used more for relaxing, they have a model for you.