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Altus Aviation


What is Altus Aviation?


Altus Aviation provides a service to elite clients that want to showcase their fixed wing aircraft or helicopter for sale or are in the market to purchase one. These luxury aircraft are made with an elite clientele in mind and Altus Aviation delivers on their promise of elite service.

Altus Aviation employs the Golden Rule in all of their dealings. The adage “treat others as you would want to be treated” is taken a step further as Altus Aviation agents put your needs higher than their own.

An Altus Aircraft Aviation agent will work with you throughout the process as well as after closing a deal. If you have any questions, even months later, an Altus Aviation agent is more than happy to help you.

The Altus Aviation agents pride themselves on being fair and honest to always bring you the best deal or steer you from a questionable transaction. This is a reason why the company insists on sharing market information with you, so you can make an informed decision.

Altus Aviation isn’t just another website listing. The company showcases your aircraft with exceptional care to appeal to other aviators and buyers. If you are shopping around for a new fixed wing or helicopter, you can read the specifications and peruse photos of each aircraft on the site.

If you find an aircraft you want to consider, you can simply drop Altus Aviation an email or submit a quick form on the site and an agent will contact you as soon as possible.


More Details


The inventory changes, however Altus Aviation currently has the following flexed-wing aircraft:

  • 2012 Dassault Falcon 7X
  • 2018 Bombardier Global 7000
  • 2007 Challenger 300
  • 2013 Lear 75
  • 2009 Bombardier Global 5000
  • 2001 Falcon 900EX (lease)

Altus Aviation currently has the following helicopter inventory:

  • 2009 Agusta A109E Power – 11774
  • 2009 Agusta A109E Power – 11775
  • 2007 Agusta AW139
  • 2006 Agusta AW139 (offshore lease)
  • 2007 Agusta AW139 (offshore lease)
  • 2007 Agusta AW139 (VIP lease)
  • Bell 412 Offshore
  • Bell 212 Offshore

A few of the popular aircraft featured at Altus Aviation include the fixed-wing Lear 75 and the Challenger 300, as well as the Agusta AW139 helicopter and the Agusta A109E helicopter.

The Lear 75 holds nine passengers and features custom carpet, heated external baggage compartment, microwave oven, forward galley, externally serviced flushing toilet, and a belted lavatory seat.

The Challenger 300 seats 10 passengers and is the epitome of luxury. This aircraft features high gloss wood veneer, leather seats, microwave oven, Nespresso machine, DVD/CD player, iPod interface, forward galley, AFT lavatory, and more.

The Agusta AW 139 helicopter can hold up to 12 passengers and features weather radar provision and a removable kit, 4 Axis autopilot, air conditioning system, heated glass windshield, windshield washing system, cargo hook provision, auxiliary fuel tank provision, and emergency floatation provision.

The Agusta A109E helicopter is packed with plenty of features as well as a luxurious look. The aircraft holds up to six passengers plus the two pilots. The list of standard equipment, additional avionic equipment, ground equipment, and provisions is extensive, however you can view it online at the Altus Aviation website.

You can view the specifications on Altus Aviation’s website and request recent specifications if applicable.


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Altus Aviation does not list the pricing for its aircraft, however an agent is more than willing to schedule time with you for a visual inspection as well as discuss pricing. You can find contact information on the Altus Aircraft Aviation website.



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