MYK Animal Skin Rugs

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Animal Skin Rugs by MYK


MYK Animal Skin Rugs


Having an animal skin rug in your home might look cozy, but it will probably offend some of your visitors. Not everyone wants to stare at a dead animal on the floor, no matter how attractive it looks. MYK offers a brilliant alternative that is arguably even more beautiful than traditional animal skins. Before you add a real animal skin rug to your home, consider whether you would enjoy an MYK design just as much.

A Design Alternative to Real Animal Skin Rugs

MYK is the fashion design agency owned by Myra Klose. Based in Berlin, she has used the city’s metropolitan nature to meld creative ideas found in interior design, fashion design, and artwork.

Klose’s animal skin rugs are made from merino wool that has been handcrafted into soft pompons. Klose arranges the wool pompons to resemble the appearance of animal skin rugs. The pompons are even dyed to match common traits found in animal furs.

This approach lets MYK create wonderfully playful rugs that use modern concepts to evoke traditional decorations. The rugs are reminiscent of the animal furs one might find in the den or study of a very wealthy man. Those old rugs have a kind of country club aesthetic that most people find stuffy by today’s standards. MYK’s creative process subverts this stuffiness by adding a touch of fantasy and novelty.

MYK currently makes pompon rugs that resemble leopard and bearskin rugs. Klose also uses pompons to build plush chairs, area rugs, cushions, and small sculptures. MYK’s pompon poodle is a particularly impressive item. Although not a rug, it uses wool pompons to turn a life-sized poodle sculpture (made of leather) into a perplexing work of art. It looks realistic to trick first time visitors, who might wonder where you found a bright pink poodle.

Handmade with Attention to Detail

MYK makes all of its animal skin rugs and other creations from the finest materials. Every item is handmade with careful attention to detail. Depending on the client’s preferences, this could mean making a rather realistic animal skin rug or a Day-Glo rug that blends fantasy and reality.

Klose started the MYK pompon project in 2010. Over the years, she and her associates have perfected the concept and turned it into a world renowned project with items valued for their whimsy and craftsmanship.

Buying an MYK Animal Skin Rug

Every animal skin rug from MYK is made to order. Buyers get to choose from several features, including color and size. These custom orders make it possible for the designer and her assistants to focus on perfecting each item. Orders take about 10 weeks to complete. Some designs, like the rather complex pompon snow leopard, can take up to 14 weeks.

Pricing and lead times vary depending on the client’s wishes. If you think a one-of-a-kind MYK animal skin rug would bring a new charm to your home, then you will need to contact the designer. Despite the company’s location in Germany, it is easy for Americans and people all over the world to order from MYK.

Everyone wants a comfortable home that says something personal about how they experience the world. A custom rug from MYK is one of the best ways for successful men to add a touch of beautiful whimsy to their homes. While everyone wants a beautiful home, not everyone wants an actual animal skin. MYK’s approach to making rugs plays off the traditional concept while recognizing modern sentiments. Most importantly, your MYK animal skin rug is a unique work of art that your visitors will admire and talk about.



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