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Ariel Rider eBikes

What is Ariel Rider?

Some things simply never go out of style. The classic bicycle is one of those things, and while the traditional model is always appealing, it’s hard to argue with an updated version that adds an electric motor for an extra burst of speed and power.

When it comes to Ariel Rider, you get the best of the bunch – a beautiful blend of the comfort to be found on classic beach cruisers, along with the classiness of café racers and the style and quality of old-school craftsmanship that you might have thought went out of fashion long ago.

Ariel Rider Ebikes started after the Onal brothers visited Holland and realized bicycles could provide a daily commute option instead of cars. Other countries, though, did not have the same terrain, climate or infrastructure to support massive bike use, so the brothers decided electric bikes would expand the available options for commuters. Most current models lacked any sense of style, so they created their own versions, where old-school charm and style meets new-school technology.

As a company, Ariel Rider believes that electric bikes offer an efficient – and enjoyable – means of transportation for busy professionals. Stress release is much more fun on an Ariel Rider!

As citizen of Earth realize the damage they are causing to the environment, they are looking for sustainable options for the products they use, but they don’t want to (and shouldn’t have to) give up style points as they do it.

That’s where Ariel Rider comes in. With distribution in 26 countries and one of the only electric bike companies with the “Green Business Seal,” Ariel Rider is making a difference in the world while designing innovative new bikes according to their riders’ needs.

More Details

Ariel Rider is available in three different classes of models. The flagship N-class is styled in comfort like a classic beach cruiser. It’s the most powerful Ariel Rider Ebike, with a 500 W motor producing the highest torque and power in its class – 45 NM and 50 km/hr top speed.

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The W-Class is a classic California cruiser with intricate details and a creative design. It includes a hydroformed aluminum frame, spring forks and a 7-speed drivetrain that gives you a simple, maintenance-free ride.

The C-Class (for City and Commuting) is built especially for daily city commuters – it eliminates all the excuses you might have for riding a bike to work. It includes your choice of utilitarian front baskets on the ebike – you can stack pizza boxes, carry a suitcase and gym bag, and more. The company has even designed an ingenious coffe-cup holder for those who can’t wait until they reach the office to get their caffeine fix.


Ariel Ebikes feature lightweight but robust double heat treated frames. Their innovative Japanese motor technology causes the bikes to reach speeds of up to 50 km/hour. From Ariel Riders’ skilled welders to stitchers for leather accessories, employees pay close attention to every detail that goes into every part of the bike. They take pride in providing the best e-bikes anywhere.

Ariel Riders’ smart displays don’t just measure your distance travelled and current speed – they also show you how much battery power you have left and they do double-duty as control panels where you can adjust the level of pedal assistance needed, find the speed limit and more. The bike’s advanced self-diagnosis system will automatically tell you if the bike needs to be checke.

Other features that set Ariel Rider apart include extended battery life and unparalleled safety measures to make sure you are ready for any situation that may arise on the road.

Buy Ariel Riders EBikes

If you are interested in the most stylish, best-performing electric bikes around, it will pay to look at Ariel Rider. Prices range from $1,899 to around $3,000, with several makes, models and options available.

Shops are located around the world. Check out the company’s website for locations and to contact the company through the form on the contact page.

Enjoy your ride!