ATV Sherp Ecocruise going over a mound of dirt

The Supreme Adrenaline Rush

So I recently went to New Jersey for a visit with my friends and family. One of my cousins had recently purchased an ATV and asked if I would like to go out mudding. I grew up on a huge horse farm and I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. Everyone (about 10 of us) met at the local grocery store parking lot around 5:00 am with their luxury toys in tow. I could not understand why such an ungodly hour, it took 1 1/2 hours to reach our destination. Still, no reason to be out of the comfort of my bed at a ridiculous hour. Much to my surprise my cousin, Fred had an Ecocruise not only is this vehicle electric but made to get filthy riding on! I was never so scared and excited at the same time. Fred knew I can be a bit of a wimp so he took it easy on me, the first time! After about an hour of what I thought was extreme, he kicked me off the ATV so he could get “serious”. I finally learned why we had to get out of bed so early. By 8:30 am there must have been 50 wild and crazy individuals out in the wilderness all thinking there machine could out do the next. ATV’s everywhere! By the end of the adventure, I was mud from head to toe. It really was a blast but for me once was enough. If I ever do decide to go mudding again I hope to ride in the luxury ATV Sherp or something similar, at least they are totally enclosed and I would not keep getting mud in my eyes! To all you maniac mudders out there have a blast and be safe!