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Audio Meets Art – Rubyoung Speakers

Rubyoung speakers

Rubyoung created these music speakers to incorporate contemporary art with music by bringing you audio art. These are a unique product that allows you to choose which piece of art you would like featured on your speaker.

The Rubyoung Speaker: Building Your Own Audio Art

Rubyoung specializes in bringing people together through art and music. More specifically, they create interactive music speakers that incorporate contemporary art with music by letting you customize your speaker panel. Rubyoung speakers are an excellent addition to any home or workspace and have the ability to add a bit of personality and color. The speakers are simple to use and it connects via Bluetooth. Rubyoung speakers come in six different colors and they currently have a variety of interchangeable panels.

The Different Rubyoung Speakers

Rubyoung’s audio art is made up of pieces from various artists all over the world. The speakers are constantly growing in popularity and allow you to choose whichever piece of art you want on your speaker. All of their audio panels can also be found on their website as well so that you can find the perfect one for your speaker or workspace.

  • Bluetooth Speaker R830 – Alcantara Blue
  • High Power Bluetooth Speaker – Samurai Black
  • High Power Bluetooth Speaker – Lunar White
  • High Power Bluetooth Speaker – Ruby Red
  • High Power Bluetooth Speaker – Birmingham Green
rubyoung speakers
  • High Power Bluetooth Speaker – Dolce Mocha
rubyoung speakers

The Rubyoung speakers have patented technology bringing its listeners state-of-the-art sound resolution. If you are a music and art buff, this may be just the item that you are looking for. Keep an eye out for their exclusive art collaborations!


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