Be prepared for the apocalypse

In all honesty, you never know.  The Groundfridge by Weltevree is the perfect luxury toy every family must have.  Whether you live in tornado alley, a state prone to horrific fires or hurricanes or any other area that disaster could strike, which is everywhere!  You will never go hungry with the underground fridge.

Forget about all the catastrophes that could happen, the underground fridge is the perfect luxury toy for those who grow their own food.  The Groundfridge is an innovative take on the traditional root cellar. It meets the requirements of people with their own vegetable garden, who choose to live in a modern and self-sustaining way.

In the opinion of the employees at Toys for Big Boys we would much rather have plenty of wine than fruit and veggies, ok you can have some food but just make sure there is plenty of room for our wine!