Big Boys Toys Middle East

Big Boys Toys Middle East

Big Boys Toys Middle East

Big Boys Toys 2016 in Abu Dhabi

Big Boys Toys 2016 is right around the corner!

Starting on November 23rd and running to the 26th, the 2016 version of the conference is bound to be more exciting than ever before. We’re excited to announce that Toys for Big Boys is an official partner of the event.

Over 200 exhibitors will be at the conference in Abu Dhabi, showing off the most unique – and, of course, luxurious – products and services on the planet. Submersible personal watercraft, supercars, home robots, and luxury jewelry are just the beginning.

There’s a reason Big Boys Toys is the most successful luxury lifestyle event in the Middle East. And that reason is the conference is truly one-of-a-kind. Big Boys Toys continually one-ups itself, year after year.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a buyer, dealer, distributor, or exhibitor, Big Boys Toys 2016 is an outstanding networking experience and a chance to speak face-to-face with people from every corner of the globe.

About Big Boys Toys

Luxury is the name of the game at Big Boys Toys.

Each year, the annual conference attracts thousands of attendees from all over the globe. These millionaires have very specific tastes. And they’re here to spend their money on the most luxurious toys imaginable.

Held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, the event is estimated to attract over 20,000 visitors in 2016, including members of the royal families. Over 1,500 of these visitors are Ultra-HNWI members, or those with a net worth of over $30 million USD.

Though the products and services on display at Big Boys Toys are aimed at the super rich, nearly anyone can attend the conference. It’s not just the wealthy that have an interest in seeing unique and luxurious products in real life.

The exhibitors in Abu Dhabi range from well-established household names to industry newcomers. In addition, the luxury lifestyle products being displayed range from old products to new products to plan for products in development. You can be certain that everything on display is as innovative as it gets.

Yet viewing items isn’t all that Big Boys Toys is about. The conference also includes live music as well as interactive exhibits. For example, visitors to the 2014 conference were given the opportunity to test drive a supercar (choice of Ferrari, Chevrolet, or Porsche) around an expansive test track.

This year’s products and services make up 10 unique categories including digital, drive, marine, adventure, fashion, aviation, ride, lifestyle, off road, and wellness.

Why United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is the ideal venue for Big Boys Toys.

With one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, the ultra-modern company maintains a luxurious and lavish atmosphere. It’s one of the most opulent countries in the world.

Abu Dhabi itself, where Big Boys Toys 2016 is set to be held, is a global city and hub of transportation and business. It’s situated alongside Dubai, the most populous city in the UAE with over 2.5 million residents. It’s convenient and easy to travel to Abu Dhabi from countries around the world.

Visit Us at Big Boys Toys in Abu Dhabi

Toys for Big Boys is a proud partner of the 7th edition of Big Boys Toys.

We hope to see you November 23rd to 26th at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre in Abu Dhabi.

Big Boys Toys 2016 is the premier luxury lifestyle event in the Middle East – and one of the best in the entire world. You don’t want to miss it.

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