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What are Boxer Cycles?

While the concept of a cargo bike (or trike) may be new to you, they were highly popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Basically a box on wheels (the back end is a bike and the front is a large box on two wheels), the cargo bike is experiencing a comeback as manufacturers look for greener transport methods.

One of the best is British-based Boxer Cycles, whose style is simply marvelous. The company’s design team takes the concept of a cargo bike far beyond a box on wheels to a vehicle designed with its own style and personality. Their goal is not just design for design’s sake, but to allow kids to reach their dreams like soaring through the air in a rocket ship (more on this later) – and to let parents share in the reward of watching their kids have so much fun.

The company focuses on function as much as style, though – you will actually use a Boxer Cycle as a workable option instead of taking your car on every short trip to town. You’ll save money, save the planet and have a ton of fun, especially when you pile your kids into the cycle. It’s quick and convenient, and the innovations Boxer Cycle has built into each cargo trike give it more of an advantage as you replace your car for those short trips, especially in the city.

Boxer Cycles are also built to last – they are constructed with precise specifications by hand. Boxer’s skilled local craftsmen form the frames to be tough and durable, and the components the company does not make by hand are also chosen for their high quality and ability to withstand tough treatment. You’ll get fantastic use out of your Boxer for many, many years.

More Details

All Boxer Cycles are conceived, designed and produced in the United Kingdom, resulting in a durable, high-quality product that simply cannot be beat. Here are the standard Boxer models:

The Rocket

This is where your kids’ dreams mentioned above come into play. The Boxer Rocket is designed to look like a spaceship and give you and your kids a fun, unique transportation options. Originally designed as a one-time production, people liked it so much the company turned it into a highlighted model.

The Rocket’s seats recline back to 180 degrees, the electric motor takes the edge of your pedaling (you can set motor functions with a color LCD screen) and you get a horn, brake lights and turn signals. Your kids will love their trip to space every day!

The Cargo

The Cargo lets you easily transport heavy load over short distances. Its quick-release load compartment lets you switch out full boxes for empty ones in just a few seconds. If you want to use the bike for a vending platform or for a marketing campaign, it’s easy to switch out options without changing the basic format of the bike.

The Shuttle

Looking for a quick way to haul people around? The Shuttle will be your bike of choice. The cargo box includes seats, looks great and gives you unique color options. The Swiss-made electric motor and all-aluminum frame are high quality, and hydraulic disc brakes give you peace of mind that you can stop when you need with your crew of kids in the front.

Buy a Boxer Cycle

Now that you’re convinced you need a Boxer Cycle of your own, you can order through the company’s website. Prices run from about 3,000 to 5,000 pounds (about $4,400 to $7,300 USD) for finished Boxer Cycles that are ready to ride.

You can also buy a Boxer Cycle chassis for about 1,500 pounds (about $2,200 USD) for the basic frame, upon which you can add your own cart option.

To order your Boxer Cycle, visit the company’s website. You can also contact the company through the site to ask questions or obtain more information. Boxer Cycles are a unique method of transportation – buy your own today!



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