telescopes by glass eye shows a brass wood telescope with a grey background

Glass Eye Brass Telescopes

Brass Telescopes by The Glass Eye combine handcrafted elegance with crystal clear optics:

You see them in high-end studies and libraries. You see them outside of luxury houses, pointed toward the land, sea, or sky for viewing the latest terrestrial or heavenly events. Maybe you have wondered if they are just for decoration or if they actually serve a purpose, but with brass telescopes from The Glass Eye, you don’t have to wonder or choose. You can find extraordinary telescopes in both form and function, which means not only will you have an instrument that can see whatever you like, but it will look classy and elegant in the process.

The Quality

Do not be fooled by cheap imported imitations. Glass Eye brass telescopes give you handcrafted elegance combined with top-quality, crystal-clear optics. All brass is polished to a high luster and sealed with a clear coat to keep the shine. Some brass telescope models include hardwood tripods of luxurious teak, oak, or mahogany.

These high manufacturing standards are maintained by an extensive quality control process that covers every aspect of the telescope from the beginning of manufacturing all the way through final hand finishing.

High-quality ones are not easy to come by. Antique ones are very rare and the few that are available can cost up to $75,000. For a fraction of that cost, Glass Eye brass telescopes offer 18th-century styling that looks so elegant with 21st-century technology that brings everything into high-quality focus.

These are the finest terrestrial telescopes you can buy, providing unparalleled views of the sea, mountains, wildlife, and people. No matter what the view from your home, brass telescopes can improve it – you can see the bald eagle nesting on the side of the mountain rather than just a wide view of the mountain, for example.

The Brass Difference

The difference between brass telescopes and the style of cheap telescope you can buy in a department or big box store is obvious when you look. Cheap telescopes function well only at night when the object itself is the light source. This means you can only look at the moon, for instance, or the stars. Brass telescopes are made for terrestrial viewing, which means they function well during the day, giving you unmatched views of landscapes, wildlife, ships, and more.

The most popular brass telescope model is the Cape Cod, which is available in all brass, covered with brown leather, covered with black leather, covered with alligator leather, or covered with a custom leather that you provide.

If they are kept securely in your home, brass telescopes will function at top-quality levels and remain bright and shiny for years and years. Your brass telescope can easily become a priceless, sentimental heirloom that passes down through generations of your family line.v

Buy Brass Telescopes

These brass telescopes are the best of their kind in the world. Most full-size models at The Glass Eye range from $2,000 to $3,000. Tabletop models and smaller floor models are available starting at about $1,500. Approximately three lines of personal engraving are included on all telescopes free of charge. You can also buy stylish telescope binocular holders and tripods to use with your own telescope or binoculars for around $1,000.

If you are looking for the perfect gift that is timeless, elegant, and supremely well-made, your search has ended. A stylish brass telescope will be received with joy and excitement and will provide years of enjoyment as both an elegant furnishing and a useful instrument. Even better, buy one for yourself – you will be the envy of your friends and acquaintances!

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