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Brian Boggs Chairmakers


Brian Boggs Chairmakers


Brian Boggs Chairmakers has spent over 30 years crafting heirloom-quality wooden chairs and furniture:

For rich, stoic, and elegant wooden furniture, no one is more qualified than Brian Boggs. As the founder of Brian Boggs Chairmakers, Mr. Boggs uses a traditional method in hand-crafting his custom furniture pieces. Brian Boggs Chairmakers builds heirloom-quality furniture that is made to order, with a focus on design, craftsmanship and sustainability. Because of his sensitivity to the material, mastery of the tools, and unlimited creative possibilities, Brian Boggs Chairmakers can create a truly custom piece or set of furniture that will enhance every room of your house.

Chairs to Fit Every Style

A Brian Boggs Chair is not just a chair. It is a tree whose second life will be cherished for generations to come. Every Brian Boggs Chair is custom-made and hand-crafted to fit your taste and style. Brian Boggs Chairmakers offers a huge variety of chairs, including the Sonus Guitar Chiar, the ergonomic Sunniva outdoor seating sets, and classic wooden rocking chairs.

Sonus Guitar Chair — If you play any kind of guitar, banjo, mandolin, or dulcimer, the Brian Boggs Sonus Guitar Chair can provide a comfortable, ergonomic place to sit while you create sweet melodies. Gone are the days of slumping in your seat, straining your neck to see the fret board or your picking hand, and over- or under-extending your wrists while compensating for inadequate space. The unique and specially designed Sonus Guitar Chair provides top-of-the line lumbar support using a sleek and luxurious style. As an added touch, Brian Boggs Chairmakers crafts every Sonus Guitar Chair from some of the same hard tonewoods that master luthiers use to make quality, long-lasting instruments. Whether you place your instrument across one knee, or use the classical position involving a footrest, the Sonus Guitar Chair supports every part of your body while you play, encouraging healthy and comfortable posture.

Sunniva Outdoor Wood Furniture Collection — This fine collection of outdoor seating fills a singular niche amongst luxury patio furniture options. In a market full of metal, concrete, and manmade materials, a sense of warmth and passion is often missing. Designers struggle to find inspired pieces that are equal parts functional and beautiful. The seven pieces in the all-wood Sunniva Collection overcome these widespread limitations through premium materials, careful ergonomic study, and superior craftsmanship. The heritage-rich design elements are made sleek with contemporary contours. The traditional materials withstand the elements through uncommon methods of precision engineering. As a result, these pieces are stylistically versatile, long lasting, divinely comfortable, and offer a sense of warmth and soul that manufactured pieces do not.

Wooden Rocking Chairs — Rocking chairs are as quintessentially American as apple pie or baseball. Enjoyed by all ages – from the newborn being rocked to the retiree resting on their porch. They represent the perfect marriage of form and function, and are an excellent choice when investing in heirloom-quality furniture. Brian Boggs Chairmakers has perfected three different rocking chair designs: the Sunniva Outdoor Rocker, the Classic Ladderback Rocking Chair, and the Greenwood Rocking Chair.

Tables that Add the Perfect Touch

Choosing the right table is important because tables set the mood for your space. When an ordinary table simply won’t create the right mood for you space, Brian Boggs can work with you to create one that beautifully suits your needs. A custom wood table will enhance your home or business for years to come. From expanding tables where your entire family can gather, to sleek conference tables, to live-edge tables that honor the beauty and strength of natural wood, Brian Boggs Chairmakers is the right choice to make a custom wood table that is perfect for your space.



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