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What is Vintage Industrial?

Vintage Industrial Bronx Design produces spectacular heirloom-quality industrial furniture made in America. These are pieces that you look at and say, “I need that in my house right now.” Inspired by vintage industrial styles, the pieces are solid, inspiring and hand-crafted as they are ordered.

Most pieces are table or desk-type furniture, made from lots of aged steel, solid hardwoods and even cast iron. Other pieces include shelving, consoles, storage pieces, sideboards and more. These are high-end furniture pieces made for affluent, discerning customers who know quality when they see it and are not afraid to pay for what they want.

Vintage Industrial is also the world’s largest supplier of antiqued casters. These are brand new pieces that look like antiques – they’re called antique reproductions. These are the same casters used on the industrial furniture pieces, and they have been used in restaurants, hotels and stores around the world. Casters are available in various sizes, styles and models – check the website for availability. Most casters require an 8-10 day lead time after you order.

More Details

Vintage Industrial began in a backyard when the owner built a patio table for his wife. Inspired by the result, they started a business, and several years later, the company occupies a 65,000 square foot building. They aspire to not only make quality furniture that will last for decades, but to leave the world a better place – they plant 10 trees for every one they have to cut down. They build furniture they love with materials that will last, and they wake up every day intent on improving the world by producing the best furniture they can.

As one example of a product, the Vintage Industrial Crank Table includes a 10” cast iron wheel on the side – crank the wheel to raise or lower the table to your ideal height. The screw mechanisms are rated for two tons. The top of the table can be built with heavy gauge plate steel or two-inch solid hardwood. Accents include metal trim and bolted corners – this is a piece that will make a statement in any room.

Vintage Industrial will also do custom work. If you are inspired by one of their pieces or have an idea for your own piece, contact the company through their website to talk about how they can create your ideal custom vintage piece.

Buy Vintage Industrial

You can view many of Vintage Industrial’s pieces on their website. Check out their crank tables, desks and much more. Prices are listed on the page for each item – most run at least several thousand dollars. Antiqued reproduction casters range from about $30 to $80 or more per caster. No matter what you have to spend to get a Vintage Industrial piece in your house, the cost is worth it. You will pass these furniture pieces onto your children, who will pass them on to their children after that. It’s not often you get to buy an heirloom – make the call today!



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