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Casabubble Outdoor Living

Have you ever dreamed of living inside a dewdrop? How about a crystal ball? With the new bubble-pods structures for outdoor living from CasaBubble, you can do all of these things and more.

Of course, CasaBubbles aren’t actually dewdrops or crystal balls, though they sure look the part! In reality, they’re freestanding bubble-pod structures with transparent walls. They’re designed for outside living, so you feel like you’re out in nature without being subjected to the wrath of the elements.

About CasaBubble

CasaBubble is the brainchild of two French designers, Frederic Richard and Pierre-Stephane Dumas. They recognized the need for an easy-to-use, easy-to-transport, freestanding structure that allows you to get out into outdoor living and nature while still receiving the benefits of a climate-controlled environment. Together, they took this unique vision and ran with it. The end result is the Casa Bubble.

Pierre-Stephane Dumas is the engineering genius behind CasaBubble. Each new model is carefully designed and developed by him in his hometown near Paris. His background in industrial engineering and videography allowed him to create this uniquely aesthetic and technological product. Indeed, his expertise is what has allowed the bubbles to be manufactured with such a minimum amount of materials and energy.

Frederic Richard, on the other hand, is the owner of CasaBubble. While he isn’t a major part of the design process, he does handle the exclusive distribution of the CasaBubbles to America and Australia. If you’re looking for a CasaBubble on one of these continents, chances are it went through Frederic first.

The overall goal of as a company, is to bring people closer to nature. The founders believe that true happiness is harmony with nature and the CasaBubble helps provide this harmony. Each of their products is not only designed for use by individuals but also by eco-tourism groups that recognize the important effects nature has on us as humans.

CasaBubble Products

CasaBubble currently produces a wide range of different products that are all based on the original design. Each of these freestanding bubble structures is designed with a different type of person in mind. They are available in all different sizes and layouts for outdoor living.

Each Bubble is available either as completely transparent (with a 360-degree panoramic view) or as partly opaque (to offer some measure of privacy). One model, however, is almost entirely opaque. Known as the Bubble Drop, this model is designed to be used for meditation, massage, or even a quiet home office. When a subdued atmosphere is essential, the Bubble Drop has you covered.

The Bubbles offered come in a wide range of sizes. The smallest model clocks in at approximately 11.5 feet in diameter. The largest sits at right around 15.5 feet in diameter.

One of the best things about CasaBubble is that they’re completely portable and extremely versatile. This makes them perfect for events, camping, or relaxation. As we mentioned above, this has also made them a popular choice for companies offering eco-tourism accommodations.

It’s important to note, however, that these Bubbles aren’t meant to be permanent structures. Instead, they’re designed to be set up and taken down as needed. Fortunately, both setting them up and taking them down is easy.


There truly is no other structure on the planet like CasaBubble bubble-pods, especially if you’re in a beautiful setting. The climate-controlled, sound-insulating structure allows you to remain comfortable while soaking up views of nature. For instance, many people set up their Casa Bubbles on the beach, in alpine meadows, in stretching wheat fields, or even poolside. The options are literally endless!

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