bunkie man cave in a green field

The Bunkie Man Cave

What is The Bunkie Man Cave?

Ever feel like you need your man cave space to just get away for a while? Just something small where you can be alone – not necessarily an entire house. Maybe a writer’s retreat, or a backyard oasis that is easy to build, but also easy on your budget and easy on red tape, in.

Not sure the best way to go about it? Enter The Bunkie Man Cave. The Bunkie Man Cave is a prefabricated space designed to offer the perfect sanctuary along life’s journey. No building permits are required to erect a Bunkie, and the prefabricated elements make it easy to assemble, meaning you do not have to undergo a long, extensive construction process. In a matter of just a few days, you can have your own man cave away from everything and everyone in your daily life.

Originally conceived as an overflow space for vacationers in Canada, the vision for the Bunkie has expanded to encompass a wide variety of lifestyle concepts. The Bunkie is available in four distinct models which each have a variety of interior options that allow you to make the Bunkie your own. Each model measures a total of 106 square feet, which means it can be set up without a building permit throughout most of North America.

More Details

The Bunkie’s manufacturing process uses routers to cut precision plywood parts that offer ease of assembly and structural strength that other wood does not provide. Using simple tools and practical step-by-step instructions, anyone can assemble a Bunkie in a few days.

The four models the Bunkie comes in include the Premier, the Monarch, the Vos and the Huron. You can also buy a do-it-yourself Bunkie kit that is a stripped-down Monarch model. A variety of interior and exterior options are available to best fit your lifestyle. Options include a queen-size wall bed, modular cabinets, an ethanol burning fireplace and detachable seating that can be arranged in they way that suits you best.

When you need more space or a man cave, simply fold everything back into the walls and space can be used for a variety of activities, games or more.

The size of all Bunkie models has been specifically designed to avoid building permits, although you should still check your local building codes. The Bunkie is pre-fabricated, packed flat and shipped on a delivery truck. The roof is designed to ensure proper rain runoff, and the chimney does not cause any additional issues.

Several different options are available for the foundation, including a concrete pad submerged in the ground with integrated rebar, or grade beams (pressure-treated 4x4s on tamped limestone) or sonotubes with pressure treated wooden cross members.

The Bunkie is designed as an auxiliary building to an existing home, so it is not equipped with solutions for running water. Two Bunkies can be installed and joined together visually with a breezeway, deck or trellis.

Buy the Bunkie

The Bunkie is available to buy in all four models, plus the do-it-yourself option. Model prices range from $21,900 (Canadian) to $29,900 (Canadian), with custom options available for each model. The do-it-yourself kit starts at $8,400 (Canadian).

From cottage living to a private suite, the Bunkie is an ideal solution to housing needs for anyone who wants their own sense of space. The possibilities are endless, but a few ideas include a garden home, a playhouse, a fitness or yoga room, an office space, a recording studio, a workshop or simply a place to be alone and protected from the elements. The Bunkie truly offers the perfect stopping place along life’s journey – take advantage today!