Cafe Racer Dreams Motorcycles

Cafe Racer Dreams Motorcycles

Customized motorcycles can give you features that aren’t available in commercial vehicles. Perhaps you want a classic motorcycle, but you want more speed than the original offers. Maybe you want a neoclassic design that conforms to your specific body type. The options are nearly limitless when you use an experienced company like Cafe Racer Dreams (CRD).

A Custom Bike Built to Your Specifications

CRD specializes in building custom motorcycles that match each client’s specifications. The company’s engineers often start with a base model, such as a Honda XR 600 or a BMW R69S, and make modifications by adding or subtracting parts. The end result often looks similar to the original model, with some noteworthy changes that make it entirely unique.

CRD gives its clients several options when choosing models to customize. If you already have a motorcycle that you want to alter, then you can save a little money by sending it to the company. You can also let CRD buy the base model for you, purchase one of the models CRD motorcycles currently has in stock, or buy an existing project that started without an owner.

Perfection Takes Time

Having a custom motorcycle means that you can get all of the features you value most. CRD, however, acknowledges that perfection takes time. CRD already has a lengthy waiting list, so you can expect your project to take about four months. You pay half of the estimated price upfront. The remainder gets paid when CRD delivers the finished project to you.

Real Custom Experience

You will have to dedicate some time to the project. CRD cannot customize a bike without input from each customer. Expect to meet with a designer or have a few conversations before CRD begins working on your motorcycle. Since CRD is based in Spain, you may want to talk to the designers online or by phone. If you can find time to visit, though, you will get a more hands-on experience that makes you part of the team. It’s a great detour during a Spanish holiday. It’s also a great reason to take some time off work to travel abroad.

CRD has experience working with a wide range of classic and new motorcycle designs. Some of the most popular models include:

  • Honda CB 750
  • Yamaha SR 50
  • BMW Clasica
  • Harley Davidson Sportster
  • Moto Guzzi V7

If you choose one of these base models, then you can take ideas from previous projects. If you choose to bring a new model to CRN’s designers, you can begin a brand new project based completely on your own ideas.

Delivery Options

Since CRD is located in Spain, you may need to explore several delivery options. How you choose to have your bike delivered will ultimately affect the price you pay and how long shipping takes. Options often vary depending on where you want the bike sent.

A Bike that Gives You More

Any well-made motorcycle will give you opportunities to have fun during your commute or while pursuing off-road adventures. A custom bike, however, gives you the exact features that you want. It’s hard to compete with an updated motorcycle that includes your favorite features for performance and aesthetics.

Few companies can compete with CRD’s extensive bike modification services. When you get a motorcycle from CRD, you get a bike that’s unlike anything else in the world. Experienced riders will want to check out your bike’s details to see how it differs from the base model. Those who already have CRD bikes will want to talk about the wonderful experience they had working with professionals who seem to understand every aspect of a bike’s design.

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