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Camp Champ


What is Camp Champ?


How many times have you gone camping and wished there was an easier way to cook on site? Camp Champ may be your solution. This portable all-in-one kitchen packs everything you need, including pots and pans, dishes and silverware, spices, and other cooking utensils, within a shatterproof box. It also includes a large variety of cooking equipment so you are ready for anything.

Whether you are camping, boating, or going to a family reunion picnic, you can trust the Camp Champ kitchen to provide luxury cooking and dining. Professional engineer and creator, Franz Moser, realized the world needed a mobile kitchen after traveling for work and leisure.

Moser wanted to create a kitchen and dining area that people could set up easily, yet would not weigh them down while camping. The kitchen fits beautifully into any environment and folds into a luxurious and efficient handcrafted box. This fully equipped kitchen brings the convenience of home to your travels.

The case for the kitchen is crafted by an Austrian family business that prides itself in the artistry and high-quality they bring to each Camp Champ mobile kitchen. Throughout the years, the aging will lend to the character of the box. According to the company’s website, the Camp Champ “is built to last and mature beautifully.”

When closed, all of the equipment fits neatly and snug in the mobile kitchen, so broken dishes will be a thing of the past.

The Camp Champ Mobile Cooking Deluxe has been featured in such magazines as Maxim, Luxury Launches, Infinite Legroom, The Upscout, Plugin, Bless This Stuff,, Treehugger, Cool Things, Adweek, Gizmag, Digital Trends, Uncrate, HisPotion, Kickstartsaving, HiConsumption, Gadget Review, Cool Material, Busyboo, Muted, Gear Nova, and Gessato.


More Details


The Camp Champ measures 660 x 540 x 570mm when closed and weighs 65 kg when packed. When fully opened, the mobile kitchen measures 1250 x 550 x 1100mm. Each kitchen is constructed from AW100 marine grade plywood made of okume core and 1.5mm sapele topsheets. The company uses stainless steel hinges and galvanized steel handles and corner profiles.

Each Camp Champ mobile kitchen features the following equipment:

  • A gas stove with four burners.
  • A percolator coffee maker.
  • A cutlery set in a holder.
  • A salt and pepper mill.
  • A stainless steel sieve.
  • A pots and pans set.
  • A set of kitchen utensils.
  • A chopping board.
  • A pair of kitchen scissors.
  • A spice glass set.
  • A set of dessert plates.
  • A set of knives.
  • A set of muesli bowls.
  • A bottle screw.
  • A set of coffee cups.
  • A set of soup plates.
  • A whetstone.
  • A set of big plates.
  • A grill pan.
  • A grater.

Camp Champ features Covermaster fabric for the rain cover that also has a side access. To make cleaning even easier, the cushions are removable and washable.

When it comes to cooking details, you can operate the mobile kitchen at -20 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. The power propane/butane is at 14/16 kW. The type of gas used is 13 B/P and a gas device class of A.


Buy Camp Champ Products


You can learn more about Camp Champ products from the company’s website. Each piece of equipment is listed on the site with specific details. You can find the contact information for the Camp Champ Mobile Cooking Deluxe Brand Ambassador on the site including his telephone number and email address. You can contact the Brand Ambassador regarding pricing and questions about the Camp Champ products.



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