camping a white camper by Oliver Travel Trailers

Camping, Not for Everyone

I can do the down to earth camping, I can do glamping, but the best kind of camping is in a good ole luxury camper!  When I was a kid I remember my Dad renting a pop-up camper and thinking we must be rich.  Boy, was I nieve!  Just like tiny houses we now have luxury tiny campers like the Silver Tears Camper that can be pulled by a small car and can maneuver into the tightest of spaces. Not very spacious but big enough to sleep and have some privacy.


One of my favorites is the American Dream Trailer not only is this luxury trailer a bit larger than the Silver Tears camper it comes with its own boat.  My husband would love this.  The trailer and camper can be customized to match the colors of the vehicle towing the camper or what ever color suits your fancy.


If you want to go to an even larger luxury camper, Toys for Big Boys offers the Oliver Travel Trailers.  Now this is glorified camping.  All the amenities of being at home.  I could easily spend a few days in the smaller campers but for longer trips, I definitely would choose the larger Oliver Travel Trailer!