Water Toys


Manta5 The vision for the future is exciting, although a lot would depend on how well the market responds. Because the Manta5...
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SmithFly 70% of the earth is covered with water, now you camp on it! Introducing the Shoal Tent, a first of it’s kind inflatable floating...
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Fitzke Boards

Fitzke Paddle Boards The inspiration for our first board—The Bootlegger—can be found roughly 100 years in the past. Based on the designs...
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Lift Foils

Lift Foils What is Lift?  Lift is the premier and builder of the Lift eFoil, an electric flying surfboard with innovative hydrofoil...
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Moke Amphibie

  Moke Amphibie What is Lazareth Auto-Moto? Lazareth Auto-Moto is an innovate company that offers prototyping and manufacturing of completely customized vehicles...
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Creature Craft

Creature Craft   What is Creature Craft? Created in 1998, after thousands of hours of testing, Creature Craft improved upon the basic...
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Belassi Burrasca   Nothing beats the exhilaration of ripping through the waters while riding a Belassi personal watercraft (PWC). Aptly named Burrasca,...
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Gocean Submersibles

  Gocean   What is Gocean? Gocean is a world leader in the development and design of a class of submersibles known...
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Wakejet Cruise

  What is Radinn’s Wakejet? Radinn is home to the world’s first electric wakeboards. Whether you are a beginner or been hitting...
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