The Cloud

lamp by Richard Clarkson a cloud two lamps hanging from the ceiling

The Cloud


The Cloud Lamp and Speaker


The Cloud is a motion-sensitive, remote-controlled thunder-and-lightning experience and visualizing speaker:

Ever dream of having your own miniature thunderstorm inside of your house? We haven’t either. But the fact that we can have one (and one that doesn’t cause any damage) makes us want one!

Enter The Cloud. No, we’re not talking about the Internet-based service for photo, video, and document storage. We’re talking about a cool new piece of technology from artist and designer Richard Clarkson.

Richard Clarksons’ cloud is just about as unusual a product as you’ll find. It’s basically a cloud that stays inside of your house. Using a series of color-changing lights, a powerful speaker system, and an Arduino inside a felted hypoallergenic fill and sponge by, Richard Clarkson has created something of a virtual storm. Every time you pass by or whenever you use the accompanying remote), a miniature storm is triggered. You can even sync your music device to The Cloud so you can play your favorite tunes alongside super cool stormy visualizations.

About Richard Clarkson Studio

Richard Clarkson Studio was founded in 2013. The company’s mission is to design experimental products, lighting, and furniture. The studio was founded by Richard Clarkson, an artist, and designer with degrees from the School of Visual Art New York and the Victoria University of Wellington.

The mission of Richard Clarkson Studio is multi-faceted. They strive to offer a range of innovative perspectives on traditional material ideologies, new technologies, and adventurous opportunities. Simply put, Richard Clarkson Studio wants to create new products, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Richard Clarkson Studio has gained attention for distorting the ever-blurring lines between art and design. The studio uses a number of extremely varied processes and methodologies from a vast array of disciplines.

Richard Clarkson Studio currently has brick and mortar locations in both New York and New Zealand. In addition to creating their own products, they also offer consultation on product and experience design.

About The Cloud

As was mentioned above, The Cloud lamp truly is a product unlike any other that you have seen. It is designed to mimic a miniature thunderstorm in your own house.

At the core of its design, is an Arduino-controlled, motion-triggered lighting and thunder performance. The music-activated visualizing speaker is another neat feature.

The Cloud lamp accomplishes its intended use very well. The combination of an interactive lamp and speaker system closely mimics a thundercloud in both appearance and sound. Embedded motion sensors create unique lightning and thunder shows that are always different. The Cloud provides near endless entertainment value.

Richard Clarkson Studio describes The Cloud as “a kind of magic, not based on illusions and trickery, but on sensors and code.” And that’s exactly what The Cloud does. It is a super cool little product for anyone that wants a completely unique piece of artwork/décor for their home.

Other Products

Richard Clarkson Studio offers a vast array of other product designs. Many of them are also based on natural weather phenomenon like The Cloud. Among their most popular products are The Tiny Cloud (a miniature version of The Cloud), The Rain Lamp, The Globe, and The Cradle. Each and every product is as mesmerizing and innovative as The Cloud. Additionally, they are all constructed with the same close attention to detail.

The Cloud in Your Home

This is totally unique. Install the product in your home and it is sure to become a hit with guests. It inspires awe and provides near endless entertainment value. Whether or not you’re thought about having your own miniature storm before, there is little denying that you’ll absolutely fall in love with this Cloud.



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