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Coaster Pedicabs is more than just a pedicab manufacturer:

Coaster Pedicabs

After years of input from drivers and passengers, and countless nights at the drawing board, the ultimate pedicab is finally here for your riding pleasure. Developed by a team of designers and engineers, the Coaster Pedicab is a completely redesigned version of this classic mode of transportation. Today, Coaster Pedicabs are the gold-standard for pedicabs, and come standard with dozens of unique features and additions. Choose from one of three high-quality Coaster Pedicab models, and forever change the way you think about three-wheeled transportation.

Coaster Pedicab Sport

The Coaster Pedicab Sport is fully equipped with all of Coaster Pedicab’s custom-designed, standard features. But don’t be mislead; these standard features are anything but ordinary in the pedicab world. The Coaster Pedicab Sport has been redesigned from the three-wheels up, and includes standard features such as:

  • A detachable cab for easy repair and cleaning
  • Premium passenger seats for the maximum comfort of your riders
  • A rear storage compartment, so your passengers can enjoy the ride without having to hold all of their belongings
  • A raised visibility LED Brake Light system, ensuring the safety of you and your riders
  • A weatherproof electrical system, so your lights will always work (Even in the rain!)
  • 24-Speed Drivetrain, making it easier to pedal, no matter how much weight you’re pulling
  • Removable advertising panels, for any kind of ad that you desire

This list of standard features goes on, making the Coaster Pedicab Sport model an effortless investment decision. Costing just $4,500, the Coaster Pedicab Sport is perfect for leisurely rides to any destination.

Coaster Pedicab Plus

The Coaster Pedicab Plus includes all of the amazing features of the Coaster Pedicab Sport model, and adds two more must-have accessories: a telescoping canopy and a high-efficiency LED headlight. The telescoping canopy is lightweight, aerodynamic, and easy to adjust to the shade-needs of even the pickiest of passengers. For cloudy days, the clever canopy design telescopes down so that storing it out of the way is simply a breeze. The Coaster Pedicab Plus’s other extra feature, the high-efficiency LED headlight, provides enough light to be seen in busy traffic, and is efficient enough to last for many nighttime rides. With its two additional features included for only $250 more than the Coaster Pedicab Sport, the Coaster Pedicab Plus will ensure that your ride is safe and comfortable for just $4,750.

Coaster PedicabLuxe

If you want the best of the best in the pedicab world, the Coaster PedicabLuxe is the three-wheeled machine for you. Boasting all of the features of the Coaster Pedicab Plus, the Coaster PedicabLuxe also comes fully equipped with two important features for the driver, and two luxurious features for your passengers. For the driver, the Coaster PedicabLuxe has a hinged and lockable storage bin. You can store your personal belongings here and focus completely on driving your passengers. The other key feature for drivers on the Coaster PedicabLuxe is an onboard USB charging port, so you can always have a fully charged cell phone. For your passengers, the Luxe model features a padded armrest, for maximum luxury and comfort, as well as an all-weather rainfly enclosure, ensuring a dry ride on those drizzly days. For a price of just $5,250, the Coaster PedicabLuxe provides a lavish pedicab ride in even the roughest of weather.

Whether you only need the extraordinary features offered on the Coaster Pedicab Sport model, or would prefer the extravagant pedicab experience offered by the Coaster PedicabLuxe, you can’t go wrong with a Coaster Pedicab. The Coaster Pedicab is simply all that a pedicab needs to be. So get on board and see where these three wheels can take you.



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