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There’s nothing quite like a glass of wine, whether it is to enjoy during the day with friends or as a final-hour toast before bed. For all of these moments and more, Coravin is at your disposal. This reusable device allows you to bottle wine without any loss in quality for up to two hours at a time. It makes wine convenient by allowing you to pour just what you need, and also ensures that the finished product doesn’t get contaminated by introducing air into the bottle or any other bacteria that could ruin your night.

To use, simply unscrew the corkscrew from the cap of your wine bottle and insert the stopper of your choice into the needle. The device is designed to fit most standard 375ml bottles – no matter the brand. It also eliminates waste because it contains a filter at its base that filters out air from between the bottle and cork, making it a great alternative to wine buckets and airlocks as well.

Coravin’s design also differs from other devices that require you to remove the cork entirely. With a little practice, it’s easy to replace each time you have a few remaining sips.

The Coravin Wine Preservation System was developed by the Coravin team to deliver the ultimate in wine preservation. Unlike other wine preservers, which only delay the oxidation of your wine, the Coravin Wine Preservation System is designed to pour wine without removing the cork, so wine always tastes as it has just been opened—even years later.

The Heart of a Coravin System is a needle-thin hollow needle connected to a pressurized inert gas cartridge. This allows you to pour and preserve individual glasses of wine without removing the cork from a bottle—allowing your guests to enjoy vintage wines poured at their perfect drinking temperature.

How to avoid a sticky mess:

The needle will automatically shut off once it pierces the cork. If you have not already done so, remove the corkscrew from the top of the wine bottle, then insert one of the provided stoppers into the end of the needle that does not contain a needle. Then, using both hands, press down firmly on both ends of the bottle at once until you hear a “pop” sound. The gas cartridge will puncture through your cork and into your wine.

The Coravin Model Eleven Wine Collector Set

The Coravin Model Eleven Collector Set includes everything you need to start enjoying wine the Coravin way. The set includes two Coravin Model Eleven Wine Collectors with Injectors, a case of twenty-five 0.6 ml “Taste” Spouts, and a countertop stand. The Stainless Steel Collector is the first of its kind designed for wines on the light to medium-bodied spectrum while the Rose Gold Collector was designed for wines on the medium to full-bodied spectrum.

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These collectors were designed for those who love to sample wines on the opening night. Each Coravin Wine Collector is a lightweight, low-profile design that fits easily on any table. Inside each collector, there are two glass bottles that serve as Coravin’s pressurized filters. The injectors sit inside the top of the wine collector, allowing you to pour out exactly what you want without ever removing the bottle from your collection.

The 0.6 ml “Taste” Spout sits conveniently in front of your wine collector and is used to pour your freshly opened wine into an empty glass or directly into your mouth while preserving its bouquet and aromas.

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Coravin Accessories

Plum Wine Dispenser

Add a bottle to the Plum Wine Dispenser, and it’s ready to pour. Bottles are preserved and chilled to the ideal drinking temperature. The Dispenser’s patented technology replaces oxygen in the bottle with inert argon gas, preserving your wine. Set the desired pouring temperature via an easy-to-use app.

Fenix Case with Whickey Decanter

Case with Whisky Decanter with Gold Fenix. Fénix involves techniques such as blow, injection, sandblast engraving, and gold paint. It’s made of high-quality material of metal and glass. The perforated leather body is accompanied by a soft interior, which makes the case compact and portable. Its simple but elegant design shows you the noble taste and aesthetics.

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