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What is Creature Craft?

Created in 1998, after thousands of hours of testing, Creature Craft improved upon the basic design of the whitewater raft. By adding a roll cage and multiple chambers to their rafts, a Creature Craft raft makes it easier to recover from swims and spills.

When a traditional whitewater raft flips, passengers are exposed to the elements and potentially harmful injuries. After a flip over, riders can roll a Creature Craft upright while still seated.

By using correct technique, you can turn dangerous or annoying spills into a minor inconvenience, and continue paddling with only a slight delay.

Safely maneuvering the Creature Craft is easy due to its patented roll cage design. The inflatable roll cage stops the raft from staying upside down and guards the crew against rocks and other dangers.

The Creature Craft offers a better whitewater rafting experience for beginners and advanced runners. While this safer form of raft can’t stop all flip overs, it can help control them, giving you more time to enjoy the rapids.

Every paddler rides in a seat with a thigh strap, which significantly reduces the chance of swimming or falling into the water. If the raft capsizes, the riders are enclosed by the roll cage. The raft rolls and returns upright, similar to a whitewater kayak.

Riders can unstrap themselves from the raft using the quick release system, if necessary.
Beginners catch on to the twists and turns of river rafting more quickly when they have less fear of swims and rollovers. It’s easier for a novice to learn basic boat control, and move on to riding more challenging rivers with the Creature Craft.

The safety features in a Creature Craft helps paddlers enjoy a fun, relatively trouble-free ride.

More Details

Creature Craft owner Darren Vancil designed the first Creature Craft after being inspired by Russian whitewater paddlers traveling down Siberian Rivers. Improving upon the handmade boats steering mechanisms, Vancil experimented with several versions until arriving at a self-righting raft, now called the Creature Craft.

Creature Crafts’ multiple chambers and the built-in self-righting mechanism allows the oarsman or paddler to flip the boat upright after a strong current or other disruption interrupts a river run.

The Creature Craft helps beginners can learn river rafting without worrying about accidents. If the raft does tip over, passengers and oarsmen stay in the raft. There’s more time to learn how to maneuver the rapids without recovering from spills.

You can even perform tricks, including back flips, barrel rolls and pirouettes in a Creature Craft –with the added assurance of a quick “turn-over” if there’s an unintentional swim. It is one of the best designs availible in inflatables.

Waterwogs, Creature Craft’s rescue crafts are an asset to all SAR teams. Safety rescue teams benefit from the use of Creature Craft. The rescue craft employs seat belts and rollover design, with interior space for swimmers and divers. Waterwogs are particularly beneficial for rescue situations caused by low-head dams.

Prices range from $5,000 to $8,500 for Creature Craft Whitewater Rafts. Oar frames, paddle saddles, passenger seats, foot cups, lap belts and transom mounts are also for sale to customize your raft or replace parts.

Waterwog Rescue Crafts are sold in a complete package are inflatables with a modular frame system starting at $12,500.

The company has headquarters in Grand Junction, CO., with sales offices and instructor teams in Oregon, West Virginia, Washington and Tennessee. A few additional instructors/sale teams will travel to your location for demos.

Creature Craft has been featured in the Idaho County Free Press, Grand Junction, Colorado Sentinel and the Star Phoenix.

Buy Creature Craft Products

Start your search for Creature Craft products on their website at You check out their calendar of Creature and Rescue Craft Events or schedule a demo. Up-to-date information is also available on their Facebook page.

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