Cryptex Security Boxes

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Cryptex Security Boxes


Cryptex Security Boxes


What is a Cryptex Security Box?

You have probably seen a movie like National Treasure, where good guys and criminals alike are in hot pursuit of a historical relic. Their path to find the artifact usually includes a few puzzle aspects, where a key or a document is locked inside a historical compartment that they have to figure out how to open.

If you’re imagining that locked compartment right now, you have a pretty good idea of what a Cryptex Security Box is like. Cryptex Security Boxes are self-contained cylindrical lockboxes created by master artisan Justin Nevins.

Cyptex Security Boxes are available in three distinct model lines. The DaVinci Line are custom-made and are completely handcrafted, with spacer rings made from natural materials such as marble, granite or exotic wood. The security code the customer chooses is cut into the box and is permanent.

The Nevins Line of Cryptex Security Boxes are handcrafted with natural materials such as marble, granite and exotic wood. The solid brass components are precision-machined and include a mechanically-changeable code that customers can set and reset. Prices depend on materials and features.

The Replica Line of Cryptex Security Boxes were created as a lower-cost option. These cylindrical boxes are primarily made from precision-machined parts and include marble-patterned laminate. The Replica boxes are still assembled, tuned and polished by hand. They include a mechanically changeable code and a Peruvian Walnut stand.

More Details

As they were first produced, Cryptex Security Boxes were custom-designed to the specifications of the purchasers, which took anywhere from one to nine months. While this product line is still available for pieces to be commissioned (the DaVinci line), two other product lines offer similar products in a much faster turnaround time.

All three lines of Cryptex Security Boxes are perfect ideas to give as gifts or as devices where people can store small valuables. They also offer intriguing possibilities for corporate team building challenges or individual games, riddles or treasure hunts. While they are indeed works of art, they are also fully functional security boxes that can be displayed as beautiful pieces in any home.

Cryptex Security Boxes have been featured in several TV shows and in newspapers, magazines, and books, including:

  • Witches of East End (Lifetime Television)
  • Treasure Hunters (NBC)
  • USA Today
  • Dateline NBC
  • Fodor’s Guide to the Da Vinci Code, by Jennifer Paull and Christopher Culwell, eds.
  • The Definititive Guide to the Da Vinci Code, by Peter Caine

Buy Cryptex Security Boxes

Cryptex Security Boxes are not currently able to be bought on the Cryptex website, although you can contact the creator, Justin Nevins, with an email address listed on the site. You can also list more information about the product you are interested in on the site’s Contact page if you would like a full quote for a Cryptex Security Box.

Typical prices range from $275 for pieces in the lower-end Replica Line to $1,200 to $2,500 for the Nevins Line and more than $3,000 for the custom DaVinci Line.

If you are looking for the perfect conversation piece that is attractive, functional and intriguing, a Cryptex Security Box may be the exact right product for you. Imagine the fun you can have setting up a puzzle for a dinner party while knowing that whatever valuable you decide to keep in the box will be perfectly safe no matter what danger may come along. If this sounds like something you would enjoy – and who wouldn’t? – check out Cryptex Security Boxes and find just the piece you’ve been looking for.



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