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What is Daddy Mojo?

Have you ever wanted a stringed instrument that provides an authentic air and is just a little different than anything you see others commonly use?

Welcome to Daddy Mojo, creators and purveyors of finely crafted stringed instruments! Based in Montreal, this small company produces cigar box guitars of superb quality that deliver the authentic, primitive blues sound you crave.

While the company has worked on many different instrument styles, cigar box guitars are their first and greatest love. A joy to play, cigar box guitars have a great history and have attracted musicians from around the world.

Every Daddy Mojo Cigar Box Guitar is made by hand. This gives each one its own sound and personality. A cigar box guitar is small and portable and really almost indestructible. They look fantastic, attract tons of questions and attention and will send your profile through the roof.

Why Cigar Boxes?

Most cigar box guitars began because of poverty – they were constructed and played by Depression-era jug band members who could make instruments out of anything. Empty cigars boxes around the house lent themselves easily to creating guitars, fiddles and banjos for talented musicians.

All you really need to make a chord is three notes, so Daddy Mojo’s standard cigar box guitar model has been stripped to bare essentials. You can play an endless variety of tuning variations with slide and finger work.

Because every order is individual, Daddy Mojo can easily customize your model and box design to fit your needs and wants. You can even personalize your instrument with a vintage cigar label – the company has a variety of labels in inventory at any given time. These guitars are so popular, there is a six to eight week waiting period on all orders.

Daddy Mojo has cigar boxes made especially for their instruments – they use a local manufacturer to better control production and improve standardization for a better quality product.

The company has moved beyond just basic cigar box guitars for those of you who want more. Their guitars are now more sophisticated and elaborate, and most guitars feature violin-style cutouts on the body. They also make dobro-style resophonic guitars, if you want to produce the loud, steely sound common to folk, bluegrass and southern blues – especially when you add a slide.

They even are sticking a toe into the non-cigar box waters of electric guitars as they increase production for more customers. The company’s most famous customers include the Edge from U2, along with Jack White. As your friends ask about your new cigar box guitar, you can just tell them the Edge sent you – with a certain crowd, your credibility will be through the roof.

Buy Daddy Mojo

You can buy Daddy Mojo Cigar Box Guitars straight from the company’s website through PayPal. They do supply some guitars to stores and dealers, but you will get the best price straight from Daddy Mojo. Basic models start at $385 and can take as long as two months to be produced and shipped after they are ordered. The company may soon have a cheaper, pre-made model available that ships almost immediately upon order.

Daddy Mojo’s custom and specialty cigar box guitars sell for up to several thousand dollars. If you are interested, reach out to the company through email or phone, available on their website.

If, as The Edge puts it, you’re looking for the sound of the ‘40s in a box, Daddy Mojo is your source for pure quality and entertainment. Don’t waste time looking anywhere else – call Daddy Mojo today!



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