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Step back in time when battles were fought by sword-wielding warriors in heavy armors with Darksword Armory’s medieval replicas. Every handcrafted piece is meticulously made to closely mimic the original. It’s like owning rare antique arms and armors available only for viewing at select museums.

Swords stand for valor, power, and honor.  Feel the history of each piece and learn the story behind the blade as you marvel at the details. Notice the shape and feel of the hilt as well as the sword decorations and inlays.

Painstakingly replicated down to the size, weight, and dimensions of the original, a Darksword Armory piece is the real deal. Unlike other products in the market today, everything in the collection is highly accurate. No cheap reproductions. You’ll want to proudly display these medieval replicas that exude a timeless charm. Read this short article for useful tips on proper sword maintenance.

Beyond authentic looks, each piece feels like the real thing. The swords have the right heft, achievable only through the first-hand experience of handling the original pieces. With the right look and feel, it’s easy to imagine yourself as a real knight in the Middle Ages.

Just like the original pieces they are modeled after, Darksword Armory swords are made to last. The swords are hand-forged using 5160 high carbon steel for durability using the traditional hammer and anvil methods. We’re talking artisan swords of the highest quality.

It takes a lot of time, skills, and experience to make each sword. Steel is hammered, heated, and tempered at the right temperature. Each sword undergoes an extensive testing for flexibility. Sword inlays are carefully examined. The result: precise and strong yet flexible swords.

Plus, these swords aren’t just pretty and long lasting. They are fully functional. Perfect for fencing, jousting, and reenactments, Darksword Armory swords are extensively tested and battle ready. Concerned about safety? The swords are also available as blunt blades.

Or choose from Darksword Armory’s authentic-looking armors, rivet-infused gauntlets, and fully-padded helmets for protection. Each protective gear is handmade from 14 or 16 gauge steel. Fully functional and designed for maximum comfort and mobility, you’ll be ready and raring to get into action with these rare replicas.

Complete your look with medieval and Viking jewelry. Each pendant, ring, and bracelet boast intricately replicated designs. These statement pieces are perfect for renaissance fairs, theater productions, or everyday wear.

The company’s products have been featured in movies, documentaries, and theatrical shows, thanks to their detailed accuracy that capture the imagination. Tolkien fan? Check out the Lord of the Rings swords that encapsulate the spirit of the fantasy classic.

Whether you’re a collector, curator, history buff, or reenactment enthusiast, Darksword Armory has the perfect piece for you. Peruse the company’s website for facts and pricing of its extensive collection of swords, armors, daggers, axes, jewelry, and much more.

Medieval swords go anywhere from $340 for an Anthropomorphic Celtic Sword to $1,950 for the Elite Series Damascus Steel Swords. Armors are priced in the $110 to $1,200 range.

About Darksword Armory

It’s no surprise that Darksword Armory was started by someone who spent decades in the serious study of medieval arms and armors. Determined to bring the fascinating era to life, Eyal Azerad started a passion project of closely replicating medieval memorabilia. Eventually, this project led to the creation of the Darksword Armory company, which was founded in Canada in 1996.

An accomplished bladesmith and medieval scholar, Azerad’s expertise and skills have been sought by movie and stage productions set in medieval times. His company’s dedication to quality products matched with personalized customer service has led to a growing army of devout fans.

Today, six master bladesmiths and artisans craft the company’s products with exacting standards. No wonder arms and armors aficionados around the world turn to Darksword Armory for quality medieval replicas.


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