Debuchy Foosball Tables by Toulet

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Debuchy Foosball Tables by Toulet


Debuchy Foosball Tables by Toulet


What are Debuchy Foosball Tables?

French manufacturer Toulet has partnered with internationally renowned soccer player Mathieu Debuchy to transmit his passion for football throughout the world with state-of-the-art foosball tables that are not just game tables – they are a way of life.

With a Debuchy table, you will share his passion for the football field and have a fantastic time with friends and family around a fun, intergenerational game. Debuchy tables combine technology with design to produce works of art that look amazing and perform just as well. All tables are produced completely in France, and most are completely customizable so they will fit perfectly into your interior design.

The only limit to Debuchy game tables is your imagination.

Toulet has been manufacturing high-end billiards tables since 1857, so they have the experience and facilities necessary to produce high-end foosball tables as well. A partnership with Mathieu Debuchy made perfect sense to break into a new market with the ability to conceive and create innovative and quality foosball tables.

Debuchy game tables are more than a game – they are an experience that you will want to renew over and over again. From the company’s first creations to new models such as The Pure and The Connect, tables range from Deco and innovative designs to the classical style of traditional foosball.

This new breed of foosball tables for the 21st century provides unique fun with a highly developed sense of design and aesthetics. Debuchy by Toulet also sells Vintage foosball tables from the 50s that they have restored with original parts and designs. Every model they produces is tested and approved by Debuchy himself.

More Details

When it comes to your personal foosball table, you have many options. All Debuchy tables are customizable with the colors of the structure, pitch and field line colors and many other options. Every table is custom made for you. Many different table designs from various trends are also available – modern, vintage, classic and more. If you do not see a design that fits your tastes, send the company a sketch of what you are looking for. Debuchy’s design office can turn your sketch into a professional plan and then produce the actual table for you.

Debuchy’s factory is located in the north of France. The company custom produces your foosball table according to the exact specifications of your order. Every foosball table is tested by quality control before it leaves the factory. More than 30 control points are checked, including finishes, tightening control, power, electronics, bars, player adjustments and more.

All Debuchy foosball tables are numbered, certified and labeled with a lifetime warranty – just get in touch with the company if you have any problems with your table. Debuchy even offers delivery and installation for their foosball tables in France and bordering countries.

If you have a vintage foosball table that needs to be restored, Debuchy can undertake the restoration process, including replacing woodwork, doing a new paint job, changing out whatever parts are broken and bringing the table back to its former glory.

Buy Debuchy by Toulet

You can check the company’s website for various models and options for your foosball table. The manufacturer does not list prices on the website, but you can contact the company through their website for more information. A Debuchy foosball table is a fantastic purchase that will provide entertainment for years!



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