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Delahaye USA Pacific Classic Cars

Do you like classic cars? Delahaye USA Pacific is recreating the most beautiful cars in the world:

Everyone wants rare and exquisite classic cars, but sometimes it’s better to have your own unique version of those classics, which can be improved with modern technology and present-day style. That’s where the Delahaye USA Pacific comes into play. Combining classic, pre-war styling with a modern platform, the Delahaye USA Pacific is a beautifully crafted, re-interpretation of Ralph Lauren’s famed 1937 Type 57S Bugatti Atlantic. The Pacific is a modern automobile that pays tribute to Jean Bugatti’s original vision while retaining a unique identity of its own. Like the Pacific, when you get your Delahaye USA Pacific, you’ll be seen as having a unique identity that is all your own. So don’t try to fit in with the crowd. You are unique, and your car should be too. The Delahaye USA Pacific has so many outstanding features, your individualism and confidence will ring loud as you cruise through town in your Pacific.

Meet Terry Cook, the Creator of the Delahaye USA Pacific

Terry Cook is an entrepreneur and engineer with a love for classic cars. Originally an automotive journalist and hot rodder, Cook began manufacturing his own car designs in the early 1990s. After succeeding with his iconic “Scrape” Zephyr and “Deco Liner” Zephyr Delivery, Cook turned his attention to the coach-built era of the French streamliners after seeing the 1939 Shah of Persia Bugatti in 1995. Cook creates unique cars that will stun you with their raw beauty, and paralyze you with sensual, sweeping lines. Cook provides car designs that help you maintain your sense of individualism while impressing everyone you encounter. When he designed the Delahaye USA Pacific, Cook included countless unique features that are sure to make you feel like you are in a timeless, yet modern, automobile.

The Pacific’s Chassis and Body

With a 127-inch wheelbase, the Pacific’s custom steel-tube chassis measures ten inches longer than the 1937 original. Cook’s design gives the Pacific a masterful road presence with substantially more driver and passenger room. Building the body from composite material allows us to enjoy the Pacific’s design without enduring the cost and time consumption typically associated with all-metal builds.

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The Pacific’s Drivetrain

A fuel-injected 4,988 cc (304 cubic inch) BMW 12-cylinder motor mated to an electronically controlled four-speed BMW automatic transmission provides power to the Pacific.

The Pacific’s Suspension

Both the tubular-beam front axle and the nine-inch Ford differential employ leaf springs to give the Pacific a smooth ride. The wire wheels are 3.5 x 19 shod with 3.50/4.00-19 radial tires up front (and spare). The rear hosts 5 x 20 wire wheels with 4.75/5.00-20 radial tires.

The Pacific’s Suspension

The stainless steel tubular seat frames are exact copies of those from Ralph Lauren’s Bugatti Atlantic. The Pacific’s seats are fitted with a richly decorative brocaded fabric trimmed with color-contrasting welting. The doors, dashboard, and remainder of the interior are trimmed in supple hide and Mercedes Benz-quality carpeting. Power windows, brakes, steering, and air conditioning are standard.

With the Delahaye USA Pacific, you can roll in classic style and maintain luxurious, present-day features all in the same car for $250,000. While classic cars are, for lack of a better word, classic, you should be inspired to branch out and be your own unique person. You don’t want to be like everybody else! You are a unique individual, and your car should express that about you. When you drive your Delahaye USA Pacific down the road, you’re individualism and confidence will shine through, and soon everyone will want to be just like you!

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