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What is Delightfull?

Imagine you’re looking for a unique style of lamp for your home and you come across Delightfull’s website. You can stop your search now because you have found the best possible source for stylish, high-end lighting.

Delightfull’s vision is to combine the best high-quality design with high-quality craftsmanship to produce pieces that not only provide light for the interior of your home or office, but add a strong sense of design with their stylish form. You’re not just buying a lamp – you’re buying a statement.

Delightfull’s unique lamps are not mass-produced pieces with no soul. Each unique piece has its own personality and emotions that are present in every detail. Passion and devotion fill every piece thanks to artisans whose wisdom and skill is beyond compare. A heritage of the past is poured into the needs of the future to create perfect pieces for the here and now.

Every Delightfull piece is created with skill, elegance, softness and sophistication. The unique Heritage collection is full of a wide variety of high-quality designs, versatile enough to look at home in many different settings.

The Heritage collection includes characteristic features of strongly sculptured forms with clean lines and lots of color. The styling looks luxurious, but as with all true talent, it’s made to look easy. Shapes and materials produce an elegant look that is refined and modern all at the same time.

The Heritage Collection includes 45 highly aesthetic pieces fusing music and design (you’ll walk away thinking of jazz) in four different genres: suspension, floor, table and wall.

Suspension – Delightfull’s suspension lamps illuminate space in a stunning way. They can turn the poorest, darkest corner into a bright, refined place of cheer and hope.

Floor – Delightfull produces innovative and iconic floor lamps that give great light for reading while leaving the echo of jazz in your ears.

Table – Unique table lamps by Delightfull are perfect in the office, on your desk or beside your bed.

Wall – Delightfull’s wall lamps are functional with just the right touch of personality to add the perfect ambiance to your home.

More Details

All of Delightfull’s pieces are created by a vibrant team who is always pushing the boundaries to create new and better products. This includes designers, craftsmen, marketing professionals, and more – they know Delightfull’s collections are highly versatile, suited for any atmosphere from urban to minimal to high-end luxury.

Delightfull’s new graphic lamp collection is the latest point of emphasis for the company. These colorful and creative lamps in the shape and form of letters, symbols and numbers are ideal for hotels, clubs and other funky public spaces in need of floor, wall and table fixtures.

Each lighted letter is based on an iconic font with a typical Delightfull twist on the matter. For example, the letter M has a body made up of brass, aluminum acrylic and iron – who would have picked that other than Delightfull? These pieces will be the talk of your design world.

Imagine you have a date that’s particularly important to you – memorialize it forever with graphic number lamps. This is just one way to create an environment filled with energy and personality. In fact, that may be the best way to describe Delightfull’s graphic collection – it’s filled with personality!

Buy Delightfull Products

DELIGHTFULL products are available internationally in interior design boutique stores and top high-end lighting stores. You can also find some products ready to ship on the company’s website. The website also includes a full downloadable price list for your convenience.

You won’t go wrong with Delightfull lighting products – in fact, you’ll be very, very right. Call to order your unique lamps today!



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