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Design Epicentrum Furniture Makes Museum Quality Furniture

In an age when most people would rather buy low quality furniture than spend a little more money on furniture that has been expertly designed by some of the industry’s top talent, choosing the best furniture for your home is practically an act of rebellion.

Design Epicentrum is the type of furniture company that can help you rebel against pre-made pieces made from pressed particle board. Design Epicentrum puts quality at the center of every piece. Its designers find inspiration all over the world and incorporate unique elements into furniture that you can enjoy in your own home or office.

Anyone who appreciates individuality and craftsmanship should spend some time reviewing furniture and other items from Design Epicentrum. It will change the way you think about decorating and comfort.

Solid Wood Furniture from Design Epicentrum Furniture

Design Epicentrum is best known for its solid wood furniture. The company makes such a wide range of wood items that you could furnish your whole home without turning to another designer.

Some of the best designs include the company’s:

  • Natural wood beds
  • Natural fiber couches and chairs
  • Bookcases
  • Wardrobes

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to furnish your home, a hotel, a business, or even a storage shed. Design Epicentrum has options that will match your needs.

Wool Carpets for Warmth and Comfort

Design Epicentrum makes a variety of wool carpets that will add warmth and comfort to any room. It’s a great alternative to carpeting your entire floor. With a woolen carpet, you can accent the best features of your wooden floors while creating a comfortable spot to sit.

The company’s carpets come in square, rectangular, and round shapes. You can also choose from a wide range of dyed wool colors. When you want to make a room look as good as possible, you can’t go wrong with one of these carpets. They’re the perfect complement to contemporary interior designs.

The World’s Most Unique Washbasins

Design Epicentrum is pushing the boundaries of style in the bathroom. The company makes some of the world’s most unique washbasins.

Wood washbasins are made from a combination of wood materials that resist excess moisture. The sinks also resist the negative effects of sunlight exposure. Feel free to open the windows and let the sun in. It won’t hurt your washbasin.

If you prefer an antique aesthetic, then you may want to explore Design Epicentrum’s stone sculpture washbasins. Some of these sinks look like that have been ripped from an ancient Greek bathhouse. They’re practically impossible to damage, so they will last a lifetime.

Buying from Design Epicentrum Furniture

The company offers free shipping within Europe. If you live outside of Europe, you should contact the company to learn more about your shipping options. It typically takes about two weeks for Design Epicentrum to complete orders.

If you order furniture, prepare to spend a little time putting the pieces together. Furniture ships with all of the pieces needed to build the pieces perfectly. They are extremely easy to build and they come with carefully written instructions that will lead you through the process. Many people find that they enjoy putting Design Epicentrum pieces together. It’s not the same as building low quality furniture. Each section fits together perfectly so you get to become part of the furniture making experience. Watching the pieces come together is a real joy.

Once you grow tired of the lazy furniture designs sold in most stores, turn to Design Epicentrum for a better alternative. The furniture and other items will turn your home or office into the kind of space that people want to enjoy.


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