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DP Custom Cycles are individually built works of art, designed and made by hand for clients who commission them. These bespoke motorcycles are often race-inspired – they’re low, sleek and look insanely fast, usually with bright color schemes that fit perfectly with the high-quality look and feel of the bike.

The shop doesn’t usually have cycles for sale – every bike is custom built to order for the customer who commissions it. The process takes time, but in the end you will have a unique motorcycle that no one else in the world can claim.

These custom cycles start out as “donor” motorcycles found by brothers Justin and Jarrod Del Prado, who own and run the company. These initial donors can be any model – Harley Davidson, Triumph, Ducati or anything else. Just let the brothers know the basic look and brand you prefer.

The next step is a comprehensive design meeting where DP Customs can find out what you’re really looking for and the requirements you have for the cycle. They’ll build the bike to fit your height and weight. To start the build, they’ll strip the original cycle down and take the motor apart, usually keeping just the drivetrain and they front section of the frame. To build the rest of your new custom cycle, they will construct new parts by re-engineering, fabricating, welding, machining and more. You’ll have input into a bold new paint scheme as well.

DP Customs uses only top quality parts from recognized, name-brand manufacturers. Once they have completed your cycle, they’ll run it through a comprehensive testing program to make sure every aspect of your new acquisition works exactly as it is designed. Every inch of the bike will reveal this attention to detail and quality.

Good communication is essential to the process as well. The Del Prado brothers are available seven days a week by phone, text or email if you have questions or want to check on the progress of your build. When the bike is completely finished, they can deliver it for a fee or help you arrange a good transport service.

The Prados love what they do, and their unique style shines through in the motorcycles they produce.

More Details

DP Customs likes to build community among its die-hard fans, so they created Club DP, which you can join on their website. In Club DP, they’ll pass along the inside story on their newest model and new merchandise. Before a new motorcycle or product launches to the public, members of Club DP will have first access to the information.

Apparel is another way DP Customs spreads word about their work. They have several well-designed t-shirts in various colors available for sale on their website, along with some nifty keychains with the DP logo.

Buy DP Custom Cycles

If you are interested in owning your own custom cycle from DP Customs, check out their previous work on their website to get an idea of what might work for you. Then give the Del Prado brothers a call to start exploring the process of commissioning your own unique motorcycle.

Because the process of building a custom motorcycle is so individualized, each bike takes quite a bit of time to produce. This time and attention to detail are reflected in the price of DP Custom Cycles.

It’s hard to resist a cycle built especially for you when it look as inspiring as DP Custom Cycles. Call today!



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