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Dreampod Flotation Tank


Dreampod is a flotation tank designed with comfort and luxury in mind:

What is a Dreampod?

Think about the most relaxed, meditative state you have ever been in. You were likely perfectly calm, maybe laying down, eyes closed, external noises and distractions far away, the stress of your day rolling away like waves washing down the beach.

Want to get back to that point? Want to be there every day? Now you can, with the Dreampod, one of the most advanced flotation tanks on the market today.

A flotation tank is a light- and sound-free environment containing 12 inches of water with 55 kg of Epsom salts dissolved in the water, which is heated to skin temperature. The temperature and the buoyancy take away the sensation of water and gravity, leaving you with a feeling of just floating in a weightless environment.

The quietness and darkness allows you to drift to the perfect state of relaxation, leaving the stress behind and releasing endorphins, which are powerful natural pain relievers and mood enhancers. Your skin will not wrinkle because of the salt – in fact, the magnesium and sulfates your skin absorbs will be quite beneficial to your well-being. Magnesium is a natural sedative, so floating will help you sleep better at night as well.

Floating also relieves stress and soreness in your back, hips and joints while promoting mental and physical calmness. Blood pressure and heart rate go down while blood circulation improves. The Dreampod flotation tank provides so many benefits – who wouldn’t want one?

How a Dreampod Works

The Dreampod flotation tank is designed to be inviting and welcoming so that floaters are relaxed and not intimidated when they begin to float. Its smooth, shiny oval exterior is made of high performance fiberglass and high technology plastics. Extra insulation provides sound proofing and heat retention, while air vents provide ventilation without compromising either the sound or heat features. For additional safety, the floor is made of anti-slip material.

The Dreampod comes with software designed to control every aspect of the experience. You can access the software control panel with your computer, tablet, smartphone or even any web browser. Feature you have access to include filtration, dosing, music, performance monitoring, session management, leakage sensor, temperature management and more.

While you can control some features manually, the Dreampod also has a fully automatic mode, including an automatic filtration system that is triggered after every float. The Dreampod also uses a twin-chemical delivery system, which is a combination of two different disinfecting agents.

The Dreampod’s exterior physical footprint is about the same size as other models on the market, but its unique design provides more interior room for people to float. Dreampods are available in different sizes and models. They work perfectly in an indvidual’s home, or if you are inclined to open a float center, Dreampods could provide the perfect solution for your floating needs.

Buying a Dreampod

Dreampods are currently produced on demand in Singapore. Production time is about 60 days and delivery time is 10 to 25 days, depending on your location. The price is not listed on the company’s website, but you can contact the company through their website to inquire about price.

Think about the relaxation and meditation you need in your life. The Dreampod provides the perfect way to achieve that state, refreshing and reinvigorating you so that you will be energized to achieve your other goals in life. Floating every day in the Dreampod will improve your life in immeasurable ways because we all need breaks, no matter how busy and stressed we get. The Dreampod will make you a better version of yourself – try it today!



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