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ElectraFin Paddle Boards


What is the ElectraFin?

ElectraFin, produced by Current Drives, is the world’s first electric conversion kit for stand up paddle boarding. This snazzy electric propulsion system mounts onto just about all stand-up paddle boards and onto many kayaks as well. This exciting new accessory can easily enhance your ride – you can go farther than you can on human power, you can fight head winds or currents with much more ease, and you can even head out for some fishing if you want.

Mounted in a circular frame that hangs under your stand up paddle boards, the fin looks like a powerful fan. If your paddle boards includes a standard U.S. fin box, you can drop the ElectraFin right in that space. On an inflatable kayak with a slide-in fin, Current Drives sells a handy adapter made of glass-filled nylon. Inflatable kayaks without a fin box can add an adhesive fin box where the ElectraFin can mount. This motorized fin uses the same mounting system as a regular fin.

The fin installs and uninstalls quickly and easily, with no tools required, which will allow you to switch from a human-powered stand-up paddle board to this new electric motor, which can provide a human-electric hybrid experience.

More Details

The fin includes a waterproof, marine-grade wireless remote control that attaches to your paddle for easy access. It operates easily at the touch of a button so you can control your speed easily, whether you want to increase or decrease. The ElectraFin includes variable speed settings from 1-99, which offers something for everyone, from the adventurer down to those who just want a calm, fun cruise.

You can run the fin in forward or reverse, which enables you to maneuver through small, tight spaces. You can also turn it to reverse and try to paddle forward for some pretty serious resistance training! When you reach your destination or if you want to paddle completely on your own, just hit the “Stop” button on the ElectraFin remote control.

Your new ElectraFin will run for about two hours at a top speed of 4.5 to 5 miles per hour. At lower speeds, it will run for up to six hours. The brushed motor that powers ElectraFin lets you maintain the top speed even when you are facing a strong current or strong, steady head winds that would otherwise make it difficult to sustain forward progress.

The ElectraFin battery is easy to change out for a new one and it lets you stay out on the water as long as possible. The Lithium-ion Samsung 29E cells are lightweight and can be charged with a solar panel from Current Drives or from any wall outlet. If your battery is fully depleted, it will take four to five hours to fully charge.

Buy the ElectraFin


You can buy ElectraFin from the company’s website at a cost of $1,799. Make sure you check your state’s boat registration and boat licensing requirements to see if you will have to register your stand up paddle board and get a license. The ElectraFin comes with a one-year warranty. Start your path to adventure today!



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