electric bikes by ecotric

Electric Bikes by Ecotric

Ecotric is a company dedicated to providing a more environmentally and intelligent means of transportation. The electric bike industry is at its peak, and Ecotric is striving to become a first-class electric bike brand. The electric bikes by Ecotric are considered the new “high-quality electric bike”. The company has many different styles and models to choose from such as a speed bike, a lady’s bike, and an off-road bike.

Portable and Folding Electric Bikes by Ecotric

20” Fat Tire Bike

The options are endless with colors ranging from matte green, red and black, blue and black, and more! The company has decided to add a Color LCD screen to give bikers an even better virtual experience. The bike is also equipped with a large lithium battery which is rare in this market. This battery can save you the hassle of insufficient power when you are out. The company also added a rear rack to increase the functionality. You can reach speeds up to 18mph with the 20″ Fat Tire Portable and Folding Electric Bikes by Ecotric.

UL Rocket Electric Bikes by Ecotric

This bike is designed with a gourd-shaped rear fork, an upper tube, and a flat fork to give the rider a real sense of strength, power, and speed. This electric bike is great for riding on the sandy terrains of the beach, or the powdery conditions of snow. The uniquely designed electrical system makes the battery life, range, and force stronger. The UL Rocket Electric Bike by Ecotric can reach speeds up to 24mph.

Bison Electric Bikes by Ecotric

The Bison was designed with high-level craftsmanship and has a sleek innovative design. The company considers the Bison an “off-road flagship”. You can be the king of off-road with this electric bike! The Bison is lightweight but also has a high-strength body. The bike is equipped with a 48 17.6AH rare lithium battery. One of the most notable features of this electric bike is its high performance. Pre-order yours today!