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The Eleetus simulators have the most amazing motion in the marketplace. Why? Because we focused on designing “realistic motion” in our sim. No other sim in the marketplace or anywhere near our price produces our sims’ total motion. Eleetus owners explain realistic motion: “You can feel the gravitational forces on the turns and when you brake. It’s awesome.” — TB. And from JJ, a professional race instructor, “I don’t think I breathed the entire race.”

The tilting of the Eleetus simulators creates the true feeling of g forces in the turns, along with the stopping and accelerating. No other sim has as much side-to-side and forward and rear tilting. And no other sim has the screens move with the seat and the motion. That means you experience the most realistic visual of the real world of racing and flying. It just can’t be accomplished with static screens that our competitors use.

Imagine in the real world that you are driving a race car around a corner at 175 mph or ripping through the sky in your plane at 300 mph, the horizon does not sit in one place. Having the screens move with your motion truly captures a more realistic and fun experience as seen by these fans in our “Man Cave 2.0 video” The “shake and vibrate” systems in the market certainly give you somewhat of a feel for the real thing, but the Eleetus sim provides the most realistic experience.

All you need is a small footprint, 7’ x 7’. Ask us about all of our racing and flight game titles, including rFactor, iRacing, Project Cars, Dirt, and many more for racing…. DCS: World, Prepar3D, X-Plane, and more for flight!!!

Eleetus – The most realistic and fun motion simulators in the marketplace! Perfect for ManCaves, Game rooms and Yachts!

Eleetus Hi everybody, my name is John Fischer. Welcome to From time to time we’re going to be featuring different kind of products. This particular product happens to be geared to my heart. It’s the Eleetus Motion Simulator. I’ve done a lot of car racing in my lifetime. As a matter of fact, I did some amateur racing, Porsche Owners Club, Porsche and BMW Owners Club, BMW. Did a nice race in Sebring. I actually won the OktoberFest in 1998 with my M3 not stock vehicle. But anyway, the beautiful thing about this simulator is that you feel you’re on the racetrack. Let me tell you, you don’t have to buy a set of tires and the gasoline and the possibility of blowing an engine. What’s so cool about this particular simulator is that it moves up and down, but the screen moves at the same time. So it feels really, really like you’re in the car itself. Let me tell you, you can also do all kinds of cars, airplanes, whatever it is. Take a look at this video and I think you’ll agree with me, that this is a must have toy. This is the kind of toys that big boys and maybe even girls like. Check out this video.

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