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What is Elysium?

So you’re furnishing your new bachelor pad (or your man cave, game room, etc.) and you’re ready to buy a pool table. A pool table is a pool table, right? They’re all pretty good, all about the same, all give you a fun time with your buddies, all cost about the same.

You obviously haven’t seen Elysium tables manufactured by IXO. Elsyium mixes carbon fiber with technology like never before to produce a sleek, handcrafted masterpiece like nothing you’ve ever seen. Technology and design morph into a thrilling work of art that cannot be duplicated and that will vault your game room to the next level of sophistication.

With its smooth, clean lines, you think it just may take off. Elysium is manufactured by IXO, a small Spanish company creating beautiful carbon fiber objects recognized as real, exclusive, luxury works of art. The finish and quality are superb – you cannot find anything more elegant than this.

With Elysium, good is never enough. Perfection is the goal, but perfection is a moving target, so the bar is constantly being raised for higher and higher standards of beauty, elegance, exclusivity, luxury and durability.

Just about every part of each Elysium table is custom designed. Every table is unique. This is the only way to create a superior experience – all parts of the table must work together in perfect harmony.

More Details

Only the finest materials make it though Elysium’s screening process. Every piece of the table is covered in carbon fiber, billet aluminum or aniline leather. Everywhere that billiards balls may touch is covered by handstitched German leather.

Innovative technology abounds in Elysium tables. Thanks to several sensors, marks on the table are automatically lit to allow for easy positioning of the triangle and cue ball. Elegant CNC machined icons adorn the top of the table, while laser sensors can turn the table on with just a wave of your hand. Electronics and servomotors in the table are high-end, and the table is covered with 10 layers of primer and high-gloss ceramic clear coat, finished with a meticulous hand-polishing process that produces a deep, rich shine. Elysium looks completely flawless from any angle.

You can choose any aluminum laser-cut logo or name to go under the clear coat as it is added by the company’s master painters. A configurable touch screen system provides easy convenience and functionality; you can also include a 4K-resolution camera in the lamp above the table to record your every move.

Elysium’s artisans handcraft each part to ensure consistency and performance. This process can take up to a month to be completed. You can choose from classic carbon fiber black or a tinted color if you want a more modern feel.

Here’s a partial list of features:

  • Motorized and illuminated drawers
  • The inside of drawers and pockets are done in genuine aniline leather
  • The laser sensor includes an on/off switch
  • Illuminated dots and ELYSIUM logo
  • Table legs can be regulated manually
  • An optic sensor enables automatic ball selection and lights marks on the table
  • The triangular rack is made of carbon fiber
  • Aramith Extra completion balls are top-shelf
  • Iwan Simonis cloth

A few optional items can also enhance the experience of your Elysium table:

  • Special Colors
  • Motorized and servo-controlled elevation system
  • LEDs Illumination on sides and pockets
  • Personalized name and/or logos
  • Automated gyroscopic leveling system
  • Automatic heater for table

Buy Elysium

Prices for Elysium tables are not listed on the website, but you can contact the company through their website for more information or to order the latest, hottest pool table.

You have never seen a table like this, and neither have any of your friends. You’ll be the talk of the town with this suave, elegant purchase. James Bond would approve of this table, and it would make him look good.

Don’t wait any longer to welcome your very own Elysium pool table to your home!



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