Fanstudio Zero Daybed

daybed by Fanstudio a daybed floating on a body of water

Fanstudio Zero Daybed


Fanstudio Zero Daybed


TheZero Daybed by Fanstudio is a rotatable daybed that adapts to the needs of its users.

When modern art and luxurious comfort collide, the result is the Fanstudio Zero Day Bed. You’ll be able to let all of your worries melt away, day or night, as you lounge in this high-tech day bed.

Fanstudio’s Creative Approach

Fanstudio doesn’t just build furniture. It uses a specific creative approach to design beautiful masterpieces that also function as luxurious beds. Fanstudio’s creative approach is defined by four tenets: vanguard, luxury, craftsmanship, and multifunction.

Vanguard: Fanstudio uses experiential design techniques that are capable of evoking emotion through stunning aesthetics. The goal is to transcend the trends while still remaining true to an underlying creative theme running throughout every Fanstudio collection.

Luxury: Exclusivity is at the core of Fanstudio’s philosophy, and is achieved both through the uniqueness of its designs and the commitment to use only the best materials, from carbon fiber and fiberglass to techno-materials such as DuPont™ Corian® and coated PUF.

Craftsmanship: Fanstudio strives to provide luxury furniture that is crafted by the best artisans, ensuring superior quality and the ability to create custom pieces.

Multifunction: For Fanstudio, it’s all about reconciling stunning aesthetics with functionality and achieving luxury design that respects practicality. The studio’s commitment to working with the best designers, materials and artisans has allowed Fanstudio to distance itself from commercial concerns, and instead move toward a much more artistic process. Designs themselves are driven by innovation and functionality, resulting in Fanstudio’s ability to create breathtaking designs which are both useful and functional. The overall result is the elimination of the barrier between art and design.

Zero Day Bed Design

Using its unique creative approach, Fanstudio designed the Zero Day Bed. This luxurious day bed is inspired by “tropisms,” which are movements that plants experience when adapting to different environmental conditions, such as rain, cold, or darkness. If you’ve ever placed a flowering plant near a window, you may notice that the plant itself appears to be leaning more toward the window, where the sunlight shines in. Using this tropism inspiration, the Zero Day Bed is more than just a place to chill out. Rather, the Zero Day Bed should be viewed as a multipurpose space that can offer you protection, as well as intimacy. Essentially, the Zero Day Bed moves and conforms to the needs of your body at a certain time. The Zero Day Bed can shield you from the sun and the wind while providing you with privacy and a degree of security that will meet your needs at any particular moment. Adapting to make your space comfortable, day or night, the Zero Day Bed is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Zero Day Bed is over seven feet in diameter, making it the perfect size to enjoy alone, or with company. Around the outside, the Zero Day Bed is enveloped by a segmented shell made out of either glass or carbon fiber. This privacy-providing shell can be mechanically retracted at your will so you can enjoy the view. It also has a reclining back and can turn 360 degrees, ensuring that you are always facing the optimum direction. You can choose from a variety of materials for your Fanstudio Zero Day Bed, including anodized aluminum, stainless steel, glass, or carbon fiber. The interior of your Zero Day Bed is crafted from the finest Italian fabrics available.

When you want to set the mood in your Zero Day Bed, just turn on the integrated sound system, which is built right into the bed’s frame. Another luxurious feature of the Zero Day Bed is the retro-illuminated champagne bucket hidden under the central area of the mattress. That’s right, this elegant day bed transforms into its own lighting environment, excellent for indoor and outdoor locations.



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