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What is FarmBot?

FarmBot is a revolutionary product that allows you to undertake home gardening projects by utilizing precision farming courtesy of a robot.

Precision farming and gardening is something that has been talked about in many sectors and is hailed as the future of agriculture, sustainability, and the entire food industry. FarmBot takes that further by taking that technology and making it available to individual consumes for the very first time.

FarmBot is connected to the internet, and you control it via a web application that resembles a farming game. People using the product just drag and drop plants onto the digital garden where they would like them. The bot spaces those in appropriate intervals, so you don’t have to worry about doing so yourself.

The app that controls the whole thing can be accessed via computer, phone, or tablet so you can make changes from any location fitted with an internet or data connection.

More Details

Something unique about this product is that it’s entirely open-source. This means that others can take that code, modify it, and build their own parts. Many of these parts can be constructed in a 3D printer and software can be changed to make improvements needed. The great thing about this is that others can share their own modifications and tools, allowing the product to grow and change at light speed.

This also means that the average consumer can personalize their own own garden according to needs. You can hook up a solar panel to power your robot, use a rain barrel to irrigate, or any number of other things. Creativity is a huge perk when using FarmBot as there are many directions to go in once it’s up and running.

FarmBot is powered by a Raspberry Pi 3, Arduino Mega 2530, and RAMPS 1.4 shields. All components are made to be easy to print with hobby level equipment. FarmBot is also fully scalable in order to make use of spaces, vast and small. Add lights, go off grid, and use real-time weather data to allow the bot to farm efficiently.

This breakthrough technology allows a wired world the chance to grow fresh produce in their own yard or space. The vegetables grown create 25% fewer emissions than standard vegetables cultivated in the United States. If you opt for an off-grid setup, the numbers get even better. One FarmBot kit can grow enough vegetables for one person’s needs, so long as the garden is up and running all year long.

Of course, those worried about the cost may be relieved to know that FarmBot has the potential to pay for itself over time. The data provided by FarmBot shows the average person could save around $60 a month by utilizing the gardening robot rather than relying on grocery store produce. When you include indirect costs, you can save nearly twice that estimate.

Buy FarmBot Products

FarmBot comes loaded with a number of parts to get you started, as well as the actual product, software, and step-by-step documentation to get you started. You will receive the universal mount, seed injection pump, watering pump, soil sensor, camera, and weed suppression. You will need to provide your own water hose and an extension cord in order to power the gardening robot.

FarmBot is currently in the pre-order phase, and you can sign up for an email newsletter to keep up on release dates and breaking news. At this time, FarmBot is expected to start shipping in February of 2017. The price for pre-ordering comes to about $3275 with shipping. It’s a great product for technology lovers who want to try something new and exciting while making themselves healthier in the process.



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