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Super Fast Motorcycles – Feeling free

I have always loved riding super fast motorcycles, the feeling you get cruising along the open road with the wind blowing in your face and the roar of 700 pounds of pure adrenaline between your legs is like no other. I myself wear a helmet and believe anyone under the age of 18 should. I remember growing up I had the opportunity to drive a Harley Davidson on a back road in the country with mountains on one side and a river on the other. At first, I was terrified then once I settled down and got the feel of the motorcycle I remember feeling like everything seemed more vibrant and vivacious. I did eventually tip the darn thing pulling into our driveway. My boyfriend, who was driving in the car behind me jumps out of the car yelling “my bike, my bike” I of course screamed back the hell with your bike what about your girlfriend? This I believe is the attitude amongst bike owners, they LOVE their bikes sometimes more than life itself! If given the chance again I believe I would stick to a smaller luxury motorcycle. But, for riding on the back of fast motorcycles, give me the loudest, largest and most powerful bike available. The only downside I experienced is it is wise to stay off the dirt roads. We do have a few top notch motorcycles on our site. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a Ural motorcycle with a sidecar? You could take along your most valued possession, besides the bike, your four-legged best friend! Or if you want a bike that is more personalized to your specifications there is VBD Moto or DP Customs. How about a totally green bike the Sora Electric Bike? Or you could go all out and get a really extreme bike like the Lazareth. Whatever your preference be safe and happy biking!         lazareth-2